6 Contoh Surat Rekomendasi Kerja yang Baik dan Profesional

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    Saat melamar kerja atau mengurus dokumen, kita sering kali diminta melampirkan surat rekomendasi. Meski, begitu mungkin masih banyak yang asing dengan hal itu, sehingga perlu melihat contoh surat rekomendasi kerja.

    Surat rekomendasi kerja bisa diartikan sebagai surat yang dibuat oleh seorang pimpinan atau pejabat tertentu. Isinya keterangan tentang seseorang berdasarkan fakta-fakta yang ada.

    Fakta ini biasanya diisi dengan data sesuai permintaan dari orang yang meminta surat rekomendasi tersebut.

    Dikutip dari Indeed, surat rekomendasi digunakan untuk menjelaskan kinerja, skill, atau capaian akademik seseorang.

    Pada umumnya, surat rekomendasi dipergunakan untuk keperluan pribadi perseorangan untuk melancarkan suatu tujuan.

    Seorang pimpinan biasanya memberikan surat rekomendasi berdasarkan catatan perusahaannya akan orang yang meminta surat rekomendasi tersebut.

    Surat rekomendasi pun memiliki berbagai tujuan mulai dari surat rekomendasi kerja sampai juga rekomendasi untuk pembuatan visa.

    Contoh Surat Rekomendasi Kerja

    Kamu diperbolehkan untuk meminta surat rekomendasi kerja dari perusahaan lama sebagai dokumen pelengkap CV.

    Tujuan surat ini adalah agar perusahaan yang kamu lamar mengetahui kinerja kamu selama bekerja di perusahaan sebelumnya.

    Dengan adanya surat rekomendasi dari perusahaan lama, kesempatan diterima di tempat kerja akan terbuka lebih besar.

    Dirangkum dari sumber seperti Livecareer, di bawah ini adalah beberapa contoh surat rekomendasi dari perusahaan yang paling sering digunakan.

    1. Contoh surat rekomendasi kerja berbahasa Indonesia

    contoh surat rekomendasi kerja, bahasa indonesia

    10 April 2022

    Nama Penerima: Marketing Manager PT. Maju Mundur Kena

    Alamat Kantor Penerima: Jalan. Sukamaju 1, 12260

    Selamat Siang, bapak/ibu Marketing Manager di tempat

    Bersamaan dengan surat ini, saya hendak merekomendasikan mantan bawahan saya Rudi Hariono, untuk mengisi posisi Senior Content Writer di perusahaan Maju Mundur Kena.

    Sebelumnya, Rudi sudah bekerja sebagai Content Writer di perusahaan ABC selama 2 tahun. Selama masa tersebut, saya terkesan dengan kemampuan dan penampilannya secara keseluruhan. Dia mampu menunjukkan performa terbaiknya secara konsisten.

    Rudi sendiri merupakan seorang karyawan yang mudah beradaptasi. Ia dapat diandalkan dan tidak segan untuk membantu rekan kerjanya. Skill kepemimpinan dan interpersonalnya pun tak bisa diragukan.

    Saya yakin, Rudi bisa menjadi aset yang berharga bagi tim dan perusahaan Anda, sebagaimana ia telah menjadi salah satu aset terbaik kami.

    Silahkan hubungi saya jika ingin mendiskusikan pengalaman serta performa Rudi secara lebih lanjut.

    Hormat saya,

    Heri Anton

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    2. Contoh surat rekomendasi berbahasa Inggris

    contoh surat rekomendasi kerja

    Monday, April 10 2022

    Manager of Marketing PT. Maju Mundur Kena

    Jalan. Sukamaju 1, 12260

    To whom it may concern,

    It is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend Rudi Hariono for the Senior Content Writer position at PT. Maju Mundur Kena.

    First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Heri Anton, a Content Lead from PT. ABC. I have worked for nearly 5 years in this industry and saw many young professionals come and go, but Rudi is one individual who uniquely stands out.

    During his time working as Content Writer in PT. ABC, Rudi displayed exceptional talents in writing copies and blog articles. When we first met, I was immeadiatelt impressed by Rudi. But the during the time we worked together, his understanding of content writing grew far more than that of his peers.

    It’s not just his technical skills that blew me away. Working with Rudi is also joyful because of his positive and friendly attitude. His problem solving and analytical skills are also necessary to get the job done.

    I am absolutely confident that Rudi will become a great fit for your team. Not only will he bring the kind of skills and experiences that you’re looking for, but Rudi will also become a huge asset for your company.

    Please give me a call if you would like to discuss more about Rudi’s experiences and skills.


    Heri Anton.

    3. Contoh surat rekomendasi manager

    contoh surat rekomendasi kerjar

    Monday, April 10 2022

    Manager of Marketing PT. Maju Mundur Kena

    Jalan. Sukamaju 1, 12260

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    This letter is written to recommend Rudi Hariono for the position of Senior Content Writer at PT. Maju Mundur Kena.

    In my capacity as Marketing Lead of PT. ABC, I had the privilege of working with Rudi and benefiting from his skills and professionalism.

    Rudi is an exceptional writer with a keen eye for detail. He genuinely cares about his work and has showed a stellar performance this past 2 years. Since he joined us, Rudi has also increased our productivity and revenue rate, which is not easy to accomplish as a young Content Writer in this industry.

    Rudi also has extremely valuable computer and analytical skills, which made him a suitable writer for the upcoming modern years. His friendly, go-to attitude makes him a joy to have around.

    With that being said, I am confident that Rudi will become a great asset for your team and PT. Maju Mundur Kena. If you’re interested, you can reach me via email [email protected] to discuss more about Rudi’s skills and experiences.

    Best Regards,

    Heri Anton.

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    4. Contoh surat rekomendasi magang

    contoh surat rekomendasi kerja

    Monday, April 10 2022

    HRD of PT. Maju Mundur Kena

    Jalan. Sukamaju 1, 12260

    Good Afternoon, HRD Representative of PT. Maju Mundur Kena

    Let me introduce myself, I am Darius Wendal, Content Manager at PT. ABh. I am here to recommend Sandi Alam for the Content Writer Intern position at PT. Maju Mundur Kena.

    Sandi worked in the marketing department at PT. Abh under my supervision back in 2021. During that time, I developed a high regard for Sandi based on his outstanding contributions for our company.

    Sandi has been our most productive intern. He exhibited a rare combination of both speed and efficiency that has enabled him to produce quality content for our readers.

    Sandi has also impressed me with his amazing organizational, problem solving, and analytical skills, which I think made him such a perfect writer for the upcoming future of marketing. He has also demonstrated good interpersonal skills, which made him such a joy to have around.

    As you can tell, I am super impressed by Sandi’s skills and experience. I really think that he will be a suitable Content Writer Intern in your team.

    If you want to discuss more about Sandi’s experiences and achievements, please give me a call at 0888666755.

    Best Regards,

    Darius Wendal.

    5. Contoh surat rekomendasi pembuatan visa

    Jakarta, April 10 2022

    No: –

    Re: Employment Letter for Visa Application

    The Embassy of The Kingdom of Netherlands

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Dear Sir/Madam

    We would like to take the opportunity to request your kind assistance to grant a tourist visa for:

    Name: HERI ANTON

    Employee Number: 156068797

    Position: Regional Content Lead

    First Commence: 19 January, 2018

    Passport No: 666777888

    Valid Thru: 19 January, 2023

    He will travel in the Netherlands on July 23, 2022 until August 2, 2022. He will visit Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Groningen. Any expenses regarding this travel will be his own responsibility.

    I can assure that he is an employee that has many responsibilities in our company. Based on his current salary, he can support his own travels in the Netherlands. Therefore, he will not look for a vacant job position whilst travelling in the Netherlands. After the trip is finished, he will come back here to Indonesia.

    For your information, our company lies in the FMCG market, by the name of PT. ABC. Our company has spread towards the southeast asia, and has offices in the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. We have sold many daily products with amazing quality since 1950. Our main office is in Jakarta, Jl. Terus Mentok 10, 18989.

    We hope that The Embassy of The Kingdom of Netherlands will grant his visa. Thank you for the attention and consideration.


    Avi Rompis

    Head of Regional Marketing, PT. ABC

    6. Contoh surat rekomendasi pindah tugas

    Monday, April 10 2022

    Dean Suaka, Content Lead PT. ABC Franchise 3

    Jalan. Terus Jangan Berhenti 3, 15550

    Dear Mr. Dean Suaka

    It was such a joy to have Rudi Hariono on as Content Writer since he joined PT. ABC back in 2020.

    During his tenure here, he has exceeded the expectations from his editors and me. More spesifically, I was astonished by the way he quickly learned the ropes and handled his duties.

    He was a popular staff and was the go-to worker when his fellow associates needed help or advice.

    Although I’m devastated to see him go, I can say with confidence that Rudi will be a valuable asset as Content Writer for your team at PT. ABC Franchise number 3.

    If you would like me to elaborate more regarding Rudi’s skills, please reach me via [email protected].


    Heri Anton, Content Lead PT. ABC Franchise 1

    7. Contoh surat rekomendasi S2

    Monday, April 20, 2023

    Admission officer of Communications & Media Studies Master Degree
    Monash University, Australia

    To whom it may concern,

    I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Heri Anton, Head of Content from PT ABC. I am writing to offer my enthusiastic recommendation for Rudi Hariono in support of his application for admission into the Communications & Media Studies Master Degree at Monash University.

    In my capacity as his direct superior, I have had the privilege of working closely with Rudi and have witnessed their remarkable dedication and exemplary performance. He initially joined our organization as a Content Editor and proved themselves as a valuable asset. 

    During his employment, he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his work, consistently delivering results that exceeded expectations. He shows exceptional talents in planning and making content strategy. With that he brings a significant increase in our traffic within 6 months.

    It was evident that he not only possesses the technical expertise required but also exhibits a strong work ethic and an ability to thrive in challenging environments.

    Beyond his professional skills, Rudi brings a positive and collaborative spirit to the team. His ability to communicate effectively combined with problem-solving acumen, has greatly contributed to our collective success.

    In consideration of Rudi Hariono, I am confident that he would make a valuable addition to the Communications & Media Studies Master Degree at Monash University. 

    I wholeheartedly endorse his application and believe he will bring the same level of dedication, enthusiasm, and excellence to his academic pursuits.

    Should you have any further inquiries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Heri Anton
    Head of Content PT ABC
    Phone: 0888666755

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    Itulah beberapa contoh surat rekomendasi kerja yang bisa menjadi acuanmu.

    Apa pun tujuannya, seorang karyawan berhak meminta surat rekomendasi dari perusahaan di tempat mereka bekerja.

    Supaya bisa tampak profesional, jangan lupa untuk ajukan surat menggunakan template yang sudah Glints sediakan di atas, ya.

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