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Glints Completes Beta

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200,000 years ago, the first human appeared on Earth. The human race discovered that hunting in groups was more effective than as individuals.

1 hunting group v1

They selected the best from each tribe for every night’s hunt, in order to enjoy the best cuts of meat.

2 muscleman best tribe v1

Over the years, this selection process continued. Family referred family, friends referred friends. Even as the types of jobs increased (beyond hunting), people relied on networks and connections to assemble a good team. Finding the right person was easy.

3 networking v1

Then, at the turn of the Millennium, job portals started appearing with the rise of the Internet dot-com boom. Anyone, anywhere could start applying to job opportunities anywhere.

4 birth of dot com v1

Employers no longer knew who applied to their jobs, whether they were the right fit. Job portals responded by flooding employers with more applicants

5 flooded v1

Later, in 2013, three humans who were struggling to find relevant, quality job opportunities decided to fix this. They gathered a team who shared the same vision.

glints team v2

It started with the employer brand. Just as how companies brand themselves to customers, employers should brand themselves to prospective candidates…but it wasn’t the case. Traditional job descriptions, boring bullet points, and text on text on text on text on more text.

7 texttexttext v1

This led to the inspiration of a different platform for talent and employers to connect. A secret sauce of employer branding, creative job descriptions, social media marketing, campus outreach and partnerships. A secret sauce that took 2 years to perfect.

2 years v2


Glints now has a new platform that is better for hiring. We believe you should be able to choose when to pay, and pay for results. That’s why we have 2 pricing options to post a job. Pre-pay (and get additional outreach benefits on social media and featured listings) or pay-after-your-post (only after you see our quality of candidates). Both at $100 each.

8 job listing v1

For employers with more aggressive hiring needs, talent search provides immediate access to 12,000+ talent to pick from for $100/month.

9 talent search v1

And for employers who want to hire FAST for QUALITY talent, you can opt for the do-it-for-me approach with our enterprise recruitment solutions.

ultimate exp v2

Our journey continues, as we improve our secret sauce to help you attract more quality hires, and the story continues. Support us and start hiring today!

11 story continues v1

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