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An Unbeatable Experience

Oswald YeoOswald Yeo



“Join the Glints team (even if you’re studying!)”

These eight words changed my life for good. It was the subject line of an email from Glints announcing not one, not two, but dozens of job openings at their company. I perused the list of open positions and immediately caught sight of the community manager internship.

After crafting my cover letter, I hit the ‘Send’ button. I’m a student at the NUS School of Computing, currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics. I know what you’re thinking: what the heck did I just do? Why would I want an internship that’s completely unrelated with what I’m studying?

I’ll tell you why. It was my penchant for learning that urged me to send in my application. I like learning new things and broadening my horizons. Most importantly, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t afford to pass up. Within minutes, I received an email about an interview invite.

When I headed down to the office for the interview, I was blown away by the Glints team’s enthusiasm. It got so contagious to the point that I wanted to be a part of their team. It was their impeccable leadership and thrilling future plans that propelled me to embark on this internship.

I remember vividly how eager I was when I stepped into the office during my first day. I was awed by their trust, flexibility and cooperation. I immediately hit it off with my fellow colleagues and interns. It was an enjoyable experience working with this group of young talents who are as excited as I was about the future.

Best of all, we were given total freedom. I started and knocked off work at 10am and 8pm respectively. My job scope involved checking emails and blog posts, crafting landing pages and carrying out ad hoc projects. Each day is never the same at Glints. We even play foosball and ping pong in between our work to keep stress at bay! We have a weekly sports day, to boot.

Working with the Glints team is a joy and treat. They’re pros. It’s common to see today’s leaders who have little trouble managing their employees. But, leaders who nurture the next generation of new leaders in the changing world of work? That’s when you know you have something special going on.

One thing that I’ve learnt from my internship at Glints is that I should stop dilly-dallying and start doing. I’ve become more audacious and I’m always up for a new challenge. Did Glints boost my confidence and help me realise my potential? Absolutely.

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