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Glints Raises Series B – What’s Next?

Glints Raises US$6.8 Million in Series B led by Monk's Hill Ventures, with participation from Fresco Capital, Mindworks Ventures & Wavemaker partners.

Oswald YeoOswald Yeo

“Hey good news we have closed our first sale!”

“Great! Now you can send the customer an invoice..” 

“Huh what’s an invoice? Ok let me google…”


That was way back in 2015, when we first left college to launch Glints. Glints was not only our first company, but our first work experience. So there were many things we didn’t know, and had to figure out along the way. It was the ongoing support of many great mentors, investors and colleagues that enabled us to grow the company and ourselves till today. 

Our first office and initial team who launched the platform in 2015!
Our first office and initial team who launched the platform in 2015!

Fast forward to 2019, I am excited and grateful to announce that besides having figured out what’s an invoice, we have also successfully raised US$6.8 million in Series B funding, led by Monk’s Hill Ventures. Joining the round are existing and new investors such as Fresco Capital, Mindworks Ventures, Wavemaker Partners, and several other angel investors, some of whom have been with us almost since the beginning. 

This milestone is only possible because of all Glints team members, clients, partners, mentors and investors, all of whom have taken a bet on us. So this is a huge thank you to all of you!

Why are we doing this and where are we going?

Instastory of a Glints talent sharing his journey of realizing his potential
Instastory of a Glints talent sharing his journey of realizing his potential

This is taken from the instagram story of an Indonesian talent in our community. In this short post, he recounted the story of his transformation. A few months ago, he moved from Perkanbaru to Batam with $100 in savings to join Glints Academy, a coding bootcamp operated by Glints. To support himself, he worked as a dishwasher at night . 4 months later, he graduated and was successfully hired by one of Glints’ employers within 5 days, eventually earning enough to buy himself a Macbook Pro. Half-jokingly, he quipped about how he has gone from dishwasher to developer in a few short months. 

This is just one of the many success stories in realizing human potential that we hope to create. 

Our company’s long-term, undergirding purpose is to contribute to a world where all people and organisations can realize their human potential. Right now, we are doing this by building towards our mid-term vision of building the #1 tech-enabled recruitment platform in Southeast Asia. Every day, we are helping organizations build great teams and pairing talent up with great opportunities, 1 match at a time. 

To do this, we are taking a full-stack approach and aim to make traditional recruitment more efficient with technology. For employers, we go beyond advertising the job, to placing the candidate, so that we actually solve their problem. For candidates, we go beyond job search to career development, upskilling and developing the talent communities.

Our People & Culture Makes Us Rich 

Glints’ leadership team at our offsite planning
Glints’ leadership team at our offsite planning

Series B has given us more capital to execute on our growth plans, but it is our people and culture that truly make us rich. 

It is our committed team of developers, designers, human resource, finance, operations associates, marketers, product managers and sales team, together with the culture they have built, who have enabled us to achieve milestone after milestone to get to where we are today. 

A successful fundraising is not the end but a beginning, and we have a long and exciting journey ahead. 

To scale our growth and impact, we are now growing our teams in almost all departments, across our offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Vietnam. We are also growing our management team with some key roles. If you are interested in a career of growth and impact, check out our culture deck and the some of the open roles* and drop an application or speak with any Glints team member you know for a referral 🙂 

Oswald, Ying Cong, Yong Jie & Steve

*P.S. We are always on the lookout for great talent so even if the role you are looking for is not listed publicly, please ping us if you are interested

Come join us for a journey of growth & impact!

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