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December 2023



Stay updated with the latest happenings of Glints — product, fund raising, business growth.

Glints Raises Series B – What’s Next?

“Hey good news we have closed our first sale!” “Great! Now you can send the customer an invoice..”  “Huh what’s an invoice? Ok let me google…” “….” That was way back in 2015, when we first left college to launch Glints. Glints was not only our first company, but our first work experience. So there were many [...]

Oswald YeoOswald Yeo

Auto-Saving, Bahasa Indonesia and more!

Hi friends of Glints! Today I’m pleased to announce a few new features for the Glints platform! This release brings auto-saving functionality for job postings and job applications, improved status updates for your applications and of course, an assortment of bug fixes. For our friends in Indonesia, the platform is now available in [...]

Yong Jie WongYong Jie Wong

Glints Completes Beta

200,000 years ago, the first human appeared on Earth. The human race discovered that hunting in groups was more effective than as individuals. They selected the best from each tribe for every night’s hunt, in order to enjoy the best cuts of meat. Over the years, this selection process continued. Family referred family, friends referred [...]

Qin EnQin En

Why We Do Creative Job Descriptions

Did you change my job description? If you posted a job on Glints in July or August 2015, probably. Why? We were running a site-wide experiment to better understand what increases quality applications. How do we engage the attention of job-seekers, highlight the unique culture to work at each employer on Glints, and draw in quality candidates [...]

Qin EnQin En