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I recently found out about Glints through my friends who are in NTU. I feel that it is definitely a great initiative for students like us and bring us great convenience to reach out to the companies for internship opportunities! I have managed to secure two interviews already. Also, the receptiveness of your team towards users' feedback is remarkable

Jia Ann

Thank you for your message. It's been great and I just received a call from a company this afternoon. I'm impressed with you and your team's efforts in founding this platform for inexperienced jobseekers like me.All the best and keep striving, I'm sure you will and have already made an impact to many peoples' lives!


This platform is amazing. Please continue to do the awesome work you have been doing! I know it's not easy contacting everyone of your registered members to recommend internships and helping them out with their career development.


Glints is a very cool platform. It has a nice user interface. I also found Glints easy to use. I enjoy visiting Glints frequently to see if there are suitable job opportunities.