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Employer Dashboard Overhaul, Applicant Tracking, Facebook/LinkedIn Logins, and more!

Yong Jie WongYong Jie Wong

Hello friends of Glints!

My name is Yong Jie, and I am the Technical Lead for Glints. This is the first product release announcement I’m making on this blog, and I’m very excited to announce that we have released Version 4.5 of the Glints Platform. This release is mainly geared towards our employers, but there are a few notable changes for the rest.

For Everyone

My Account

My Account is the new location to update your personal information and manage all the settings related to your account. For employers, this is also where you can manage your payment information.

Login via Facebook or LinkedIn

You can now sign in using Facebook or LinkedIn! Simply click on the respective icons on the login page. Linked Accounts will appear in My Account, and you can choose to unlink these accounts anytime.

For Talents

Review Past Applications

You can now retrieve the cover letter that was sent with your application.


For Employers

In tandem with our introduction of paid plans, we have been working really hard to help you hire faster and better.

Lightweight Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

We’ve heard your feedback about the application review process and we’ve made significant enhancements to the user experience. You can now select multiple applicants at once, drag and drop applicants into a hiring pipeline, giving you more control and visibility.


Company Central

Company Central is the new place to manage your company’s listing in Glints. It gives you an overview of applicant counts. We also made adding new administrators more intuitive.


The job postings list has also been given a new coat of paint – you can now sort your postings and select and act on multiple items at once.


View Counts

Every job posting now has a view count, which allows you to measure the exposure of your job posting.


More Flexibility

Some of you have noted that you would rather not have our dedicated team of creative writers modify your job posting. In that case, we have added an option to opt out of the process.


Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

How do I update?

You will automatically receive the update. Due to caches and various other reasons, you might need to force a refresh in your browser before you can see the changes.

Do let me know your thoughts on the latest round of updates, and if you hit any snags, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].

Yong Jie
Technical Lead

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