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Why We Do Creative Job Descriptions

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Did you change my job description?

If you posted a job on Glints in July or August 2015, probably.


We were running a site-wide experiment to better understand what increases quality applications. How do we engage the attention of job-seekers, highlight the unique culture to work at each employer on Glints, and draw in quality candidates applying? We aren’t the first job portal out there, but we want to be the first to nail it — the ability to attract good talent for our employers.

We avoid guaranteeing applicant numbers, because quantity is never an issue. If we wanted to guarantee you 10, 20 or even 50 applicants, we simply needed to start country-specific sites in Philippines, Vietnam, China, and of course, India. With the significantly higher earning power Singapore internships & jobs offer, it wouldn’t be challenging for us to bring you numbers.

We took the problem apart and conducted more than 70 interviews with job seekers on Glints. What encourages you to apply for a job? What motivates you to check an employer out further?

It starts with the job description


The left job description vs. right job description. Which grabs your attention better?

We need not quote yet another article highlighting how images and graphics capture attention than text, or how short attention spans are these days. Through the unique images we feature for each job description, we seek to capture the essence of what makes the company unique and what makes the job unique.

And more than just attention-grabbing images for the sake of publicity, we challenge our team of creative writers – How would you share about this job with your friend? Probably by highlighting the unique growth opportunities, job scope or industry the company is in. Then why isn’t this being well-communicated in most job descriptions?

It’s no secret that one of the critical, make-or-break factors to success in any organisation is it’s talent, just as how customers are another of the critical, make-or-break factors. If organisations invest so much in branding, positioning and marketing for customers, why is there such a disparate gap between branding for customers and branding for employers?

Until we figure that out, we thought, why not let us step in to help craft something more compelling and creative?

It works for Gen Y but doesn’t work for the people I’m looking to hire

That’s where you’d be surprised. It works equally well across different age groups, and the numbers speak for themselves. Before we implemented creative job descriptions across our platform, we had lower user engagement, higher bounce rates (i.e. people who leave our site after visiting the first page, without browsing further) and higher exit rates (i.e. more people leaving).

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 9.22.43 pm

P.S. If you’re trying to figure if your website’s data is similar to ours, take note that this is a representative set of our data and not an accurate reflection of our entire site.




Upon implementation of creative job descriptions, our engagement numbers significantly increased, and so did out average applications per job. An audit of these applications reflected a consistent applicant quality.

And quite a few of our employers have reflected positively

It’s cool and I think gives the listing lots of style and character

— A digital services company

Hey Team@Glints,

Just wanted to share that I was pleasantly surprised to find out you guys actually crafted an internship blub for us – under the section “About this opportunity”.

Its pretty amazing I must say, especially the efforts to understand what we do as a company and going the length to draft a description that I couldn’t event tell wasn’t our own! Great job there!

You guys are definitely doing something right 🙂

— A subscription service company

If you’re an employer, we want to hear from you — did you like the creative job description we did for you? Do you think it made a difference? Reach out to us at [email protected]

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