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September 2020



Culture defines us, and it’s what we do everyday. We intentionally build our culture daily, and find out what it’s like at Glints.

DebDialogues with Looi Qin En

I sat down with Qin En, co-founder of Glints for a quick chat the other day. It was laid back yet focused, much like the dude himself. Right away, he started off by telling me about what Glints means to him. I could see his passion through his long and detailed explanation about the developments that Glints has undertaken (so long and detailed [...]


Our Philosophy Towards Employee Perks

The Hustle, a weekly email newsletter for entrepreneurs, recently published an excellent post on why fancy perks like catered lunches, playground-offices and ridiculous benefits won’t make you happy with your job. The article’s worth a read but in brief, staff perks and benefits are generally divided into two categories — [...]

Qin EnQin En

An Unbeatable Experience

I remember vividly how eager I was when I stepped into the office during my first day. I was awed by their trust, flexibility and cooperation. I immediately hit it off with my fellow colleagues and interns. It was an enjoyable experience working with this group of young talents who are as excited as I was about the future. Best of all, we [...]

Oswald YeoOswald Yeo

5 Levels of Leadership

Delegation. Sounds like a dirty word. As if someone above threw you a ball, and they only shouted “Catch!” when the ball was already in mid-air. Yet delegation is critical. Our scope of work and roles have grown rapidly through the past 2 years, and earlier this year, the 3 of us founders realised we had to build a team. We wanted [...]

Qin EnQin En

Reading List for Marketing Team

Marketing. Advertising. Social Media. Search. Many ideas and thoughts come to mind when marketing is brought up. To us, marketing is about creating connections with our users (or prospective users) and making a promise to them. Ads and campaigns don’t define our marketing. Our connections and partnerships defines us. Check out the reading [...]

Qin EnQin En

Reading List for Client Success Team

Following up from our general reading list, the client success role in our team is about creating a positive client experience. We don’t like to think of our clients as customers. If you use the thesaurus, both clients and customer are synonymous. But we aren’t Britannica and the key difference between clients and customers is [...]

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Reading List for New Hires

As part of the onboarding for new employees, we request all of them to read the curated reading list we put together. Each team will have their own unique reading list (product, marketing, sales & client success), and here’s the list which we consider must-reads regardless of team: Note: We regularly update articles here, so do [...]

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AHOD All Hands on Deck

We run a virtually 24-hour operation at Glints. The sales, client success, marketing & part-product teams come in to office anytime from 9am – 11am and leaves between 6pm – 9pm. The remaining part of the product team comes in to office anytime from 3pm – 6pm and leaves between 5am – 7am. On average, that leaves [...]

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