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An Internship Like No Other – My Glints Internship

Oswald YeoOswald Yeo


Have you ever done an internship that defies all conventions? My very first internship in my life did.

One would expect to be always instructed what to do as an intern. One would expect to be wearing formals as an intern. One would expect to work fixed hours like 9am to 5pm at an internship. But Glints Intern was different because it was an incredible startup with a great youth centric culture, which believed in quality and successful completion of assigned tasks over quantity of hours spent.

I really liked this about Glints as I am one who really loves some flexibility in things I do. Though sometimes we would work longer hours than required, there were often times I could work shorter if I was fast and efficient at the tasks I had to do. Also, the learning was nothing short of incredible. We were not just able to attend workshops and small training sessions conducted by Glints but were also given the opportunity being in the forefront of things making things happen. From meeting student leaders of CCA groups to establish student collaborations as part of our marketing effort, to securing partnerships with potential partners for our Glints perks programme we were given the independence and freedom to do so many things.

The other thing I really liked about Glints is the people there. They are so friendly and energetic, that the energy spreads to everybody in the team. We even had a sponsored 2 day 1 night trip to Johor Bharu which was so much fun, and where we had a team meeting in a pool. My internship at Glints was an incredible experience I would never forget.

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For those who find excitement in exploring the startup scene, and being part of a lively and energetic team where everyone gets a huge part to play, Glints is the place to go.


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