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AHOD All Hands on Deck

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We run a virtually 24-hour operation at Glints.

The sales, client success, marketing & part-product teams come in to office anytime from 9am – 11am and leaves between 6pm – 9pm. The remaining part of the product team comes in to office anytime from 3pm – 6pm and leaves between 5am – 7am. On average, that leaves an unoccupied office for 2 – 3 hours daily.

One location, two timezones.

The benefits to a physical team is evident, and while some have successfully pulled off a completely distributed team, most organisations still value the in-person element of working together as a team.

In response, we came up with AHOD hours – All Hands on Deck hours, between 3pm – 5pm daily where we could organise inter-team meetings. But more importantly, AHOD hours provide our team the common knowledge that if they require information or support, the whole team will be in office then.

A simple concept, but one that we found to be tremendously useful in facilitating communication.

And that’s the graveyard shift concluding their work for the day (or is it evening? But it’s already the day!):

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.44.22 pm

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