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PEW and I have known each other a pretty long time so I was very excited to find out more about her new (not that new) job. She told me that she joined Glints because she found the environment was nice and vibrant environment and felt that it would be a really good learning opportunity. Her love for the vibrant working environment at Glints contrasted greatly with her love for the un-vibrant grey, which she proved to me by lifting her leg high above the table to show me her favorite pair of grey pants. But neither has diminished her love for the other.

Over nasi lemak that someone had offered us (a packet each!), she explained that she was part of the sales team at Glints and was currently contacting clients to reach out and see how they can better help them in hiring. Her most fun assignment so far was rebranding an insurance company in a way that appeals to the millenniums by structuring the copywriting according to the 5 hot spots of the millenniums. And the most interesting thing that had happened in the course of her job was more personal. Her interactions with various types of clients have restored her faith in humanity because some clients are “really really really nice” and make “(her) feel (her) job is worth it”.

Working at Glints seems like a pretty fun job and PEW agreed, describing it to be “a roller coaster ride” because “got up, got down then got up again”. But more importantly, “no matter what, you know there’s people behind, in front and beside you.” I had to ask about the people who sit roller coasters alone (i.e. me), and she passionately replied “no no no this ride you will definitely sit with people”. She further elaborated about roller coasters having pit stops where people can get off and new people can get on, much like the “talented and wonderful interns”, some of whom have left and some of whom are new. But all in all, “they are a bunch of very wonderful people that will stick by you”. Which is a pretty nice sentiment to have at your job, considering the large number of people who find that they aren’t valued as individuals at larger corporations.

After such an intense analogy, I wanted to know who the most interesting person she’d met so far on this roller coaster ride was. Her answer was an unhesitant, “Alicia” (who had been sitting with us at our table from the start, and had literally just left for a meeting). According to PEW, Alicia was “hardworking, vibrant, helpful and sincere”, a perfect embodiment of “the culture of Glints”. Many a time she has gone the extra mile to help, whether a client or her co-workers, simply because she wanted to. From my own interaction with Alicia, she did seem rather kind, laughing at my jokes even when they weren’t that funny.

We concluded the interview with a few personal questions and I found out that PEW’s favorite song, which was a hard choice because she’s a musician with many inspirations, is “Can’t Take my Eyes off You” because it “never fails to make (her) feel something” (especially at the chorus where it goes “I! LOVE! YOU! BAY! BEE!”). And with her in the sales team, it’s going to be hard to take our eyes off Glints.

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