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Moments after I sat down at my table, a figure shot past me in a blur and then reversed (just as fast) before ending up right in front of me. “I’ll be with you in a minute, let me put down my bags”.


That was Chrys. A self-proclaimed Jack Of All Trades, and content marketer for Glints, she basically takes care of anything content or marketing-related. This includes everything from hiring writers for the HIRED blog to copywriting for job descriptions.


When asked about how she got to know Glints, and how it all started, she went into storytelling mode. Back in secondary school, she met Oswald (co-founder) during a sabbatical program that she had joined (“To skip class,” she admitted with a guilty giggle). Before officially joining Glints, she attended some adhoc events (see here for future Glints events) held by Glints. Oswald then asked her to join them as a copywriter but due to her other responsibilities, she was eventually hired as an editor, which required less time commitment. During her interview for the job, she very boldly proclaimed, “If you want me to work for you, you need to give me work by this weekend.” And that was the start of her journey with Glints.


From an editor to special projects assistant lead, her wide job scope (which now includes more than editing) can probably be attributed to her favorite quote ‘carpe diem’ which she says she embodies in everything she does, including her job. This means that even if it is not her assignment, she will seize the day-m job if she wants it (haha see what I did there).


She has had such a good time at Glints that she couldn’t even identify the one most interesting thing that has happened to her during the course of her job because everything was interesting. We had to settle for a generic ‘that it connects (her) with new people’. Her love for connections can be seen in her love for author Malcolm gladwell, whose stories are ‘several different (concurrent storylines) that connect at the end’ which sounds a lot like the very first episode of modern family.
Even her most fun assignment was hard to pin point because ‘everything (she does) is fun’ due to the fact that most of it is related to writing, which is one of her life’s passions. It was clear that the glints blog (link) is definitely one of her prouder accomplishments.


We ended the interview talking about her favorite people and she showed her finesse at breaking down large problems into smaller, easier to handle parts by breaking down this question into three bite sized pieces. Warren buffet is her role model for money handling because he is frugally generous; Qin En is her model at work because she admires the way he handles himself and his assignments; most importantly, her dad is her role model for family life and personal character.
With Chrys at the helm of glints’ content marketing, the future of glints SIEZEms raTHEr DAYm (I just can’t let it go, can I) bright to me.

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