Step into the Winimy internship experience: Denise Tan

For aspiring interns, we recently sat down with Singapore-based AI startup Winimy’s awesome ex-intern, Denise Tan. We asked her about her Winimy internship experience, working out of her comfort zone, and how she made everything work despite being in an unfamiliar environment.

Let’s get into the interview!

How long did you work for Winimy as an intern? How did you get the job?

About 2 months, after passing the interview. During the interview, I was asked about my skill sets because I didn’t come from a marketing background. I was then given a scenario where I had to sell a product with a given budget for marketing.

What was your basic job scope during the Winimy internship?

I was on board as a media and content producer in the marketing team, but my job scope isn’t quite what you would normally associate with marketing. Most of what I did during my Winimy internship revolved around creating content that is to be used in various marketing strategies, campaigns and programmes. I am heavily involved in video production and editing, from events coverage to product demos, as well as writing.

What’s the culture at Winimy like? How did you like it?

I hate using cliches but I guess, the best word to describe culture at Winimy would be family. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t slack off during work. I really appreciate the collaborative spirit of the team, and that everyone is truly doing their best to put their best work out, and helping others to achieve the same.

I also felt really welcomed right from the get go. While I was expected to be independent in my work, that didn’t mean that I was thrown into the deep end with no help. Generally, I felt that even though I was an intern, my work adds value to the company, and my skills were respected.

Even though I’m no longer with the company, I still get invited to their company gatherings and we all hang out. Because it’s a small team, and we work so closely with each other, we really got to know each other really well. It’s a blessing, to have co-workers like that. So, for me, the internship was really more than just a job. It’s really an experience.

Was your job challenging? How did you overcome difficulties?

Yes, and no. I have experience in video production and content writing, but I wasn’t familiar in event coverage and technology. So it was a step out of my comfort zone, since I was doing things that I was familiar with but in unfamiliar contexts.

I just did my best to produce the best that I can, and overtime, it just got easier as I got used to the workflow and dynamics. Research also helps, especially when it comes to writing. It’s important to get relevant jargon right.

What do you think is the best thing about choosing to intern at Winimy?

The people and the chance to work in a field outside of my comfort zone. (That’s not one I know, haha). I had never imagined myself working in a tech startup, so it’s an experience that I will remember. Even if I no longer work in the same industry, there are a lot of useful lessons about startups that I picked up.

What’s your most impactful project or task during your Winimy internship?

Probably my first event with Winimy where I had to do media coverage. It’s first and foremost, my first week at my job, so everything was a little extra daunting. It’s also my first time covering a tech event, as well as creating videos not only for the event itself, but also Winimy’s partnership with ARHT Media (the hologram technology that they brought in was really cool. I was in awe, but also worried I could not do it justice).

The videos that I made have since been posted on the company’s website, as well as used in business pitches. I remember one of my colleagues coming back from a sales meeting and very excitedly telling us that within 30 seconds of starting the video, the clients wanted to adopt the technology for their company use.

It’s quite cool to have your creation being part of the pitching process. The whole event was really a good introduction to my time at Winimy.

Describe a typical day as an intern at Winimy.

We get into the office, get a cup of coffee, then start our day. There is usually a sync up at the start of the day so make sure everyone is on track and aware of their task for their day. For me, it would usually involve content creation.

Lunch is always a fanfare because that’s when we really get to catch up with one another and take a well deserved break. In the afternoon, the marketing team has a meeting to run through ongoing and upcoming campaigns. Before leaving for home, we might get a beer or two together, depending on the day of the week.

Of course, if there are events, we will be busy with the execution and our week leading up to it will mostly be dedicated to the planning.

Best key takeaways / learning points from the Winimy internship?

Probably stepping out of your comfort zone. I feel like this internship made me feel responsible for things that came from me. There is a sense of pride in producing work that you can be proud of, and that sense of responsibility translates to the effort in what you do.

I may not be a techie but I’m proud that I took this step out of my comfort zones and still managed to make something I can look back on and say I was a part of. To me, internships provide a safe space to explore what you can do. Daring to try is step one to learning.

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