Why employee timesheets can 10x your remote tech team’s productivity and performance

Remote tech teams have become all the rage these days, especially within start-ups. Increasingly, people want to have more flexibility as to where they can work from. They don’t want to be stuck behind a desk hustling. Of course, modern technology is like the secret weapon that makes the magic happen. With technology, employers can hire incredible and talented staff from all over the world to get the job done. Aside from that, having a remote team helps to decrease costs as well. however, managing a remote tech team is not a walk in the park! Many teams face the challenge of staying productive (hello procrastination) and motivated to keep performing.

So how do we get our teams to keep hustling? We’ll let you in on a secret formula (or not so secret anymore after we have told you so!): employee timesheets.  

What are employee timesheets?

Employee timesheets are documents that help you keep track of what your staff are doing each day, and how much time they are spending on each task. After all, you do not get to see your staff physically. Unlike other companies, you also do not have the benefit of popping over to your staffs’ desk to check on their progress. Doing time tracking is definitely essential in your management; you won’t want your staff spending too much time on low-priority tasks and lowering your company’s productivity.

Here’s just a few benefits of implementing an employee timesheet system in your team!


1. Let employee timesheets be like your lil cost tracking officer

By having an employee timesheet, you get to see what your staff are spending their time on. You’ll be able to know how much to bill your client for your company’s services this way. In other words, timesheets will help you track project expenditure, so you know where your money is going!


2.Getting your productivity game up with employee timesheets

Your remote tech team will benefit from timesheets too! Time is money, after all. This will keep them focused and motivated for every hour that they work, allowing them to be more productive. Having a way of tracking what remote employees spend their time on would also be the lil boost they need to work harder as they can see how their time translates into work accomplished. With this, your remote tech team will start pullin’ their socks up and become more goal-oriented.

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3. Forecast resource requirements

As boss, you have great powers and that means you have great responsibility (cliche, but it’s true). One of the responsibilities include having to get your game plan on and thinking of how to strategise your resources carefully. Having an employee timesheet will allow you to see how many man hours a project requires. Planning future projects will get easier, and you’ll have less headaches without having to disrupt ongoing projects.

Having employee timesheets implemented in your remote team has a multitude of benefits, both for employers and for your staff! It’s definitely a win-win situation.

Now, the next step would be to get your staff onboard. Getting your employers started with timesheets may be challenging at first. Let’s face it – filling out timesheets is not exactly the most exciting thing that your staff would want to spend their time doing. Plus, given that it’s a newly implemented system, it may slip their minds to fill in their timesheets.

To ease your staff into filling up timesheets, you could pop them an email reminder to get your staff to complete their timesheets. This would be especially useful if you are using an online/web-based timesheet. If you need an example of a timesheet, you can head over here to get a copy of an online timesheet created by Glints. 

Now that you have got all these tips and ideas from us, go get some employer timesheets for your team. If you have any ideas as to how remote teams can improve their productivity and performance, let us know in the comments below too!

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