What’s it like to hustle as a community marketing intern at Glints

community marketing intern

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a community marketing intern at a dynamic and fast-paced start up? Meet Natasha, a community marketing intern at Glints. A 23-year-old Sociology major who graduated from SIM-UB , Natasha took up her first ever internship and it looks like she’s having a smashing good time!

We had a quick chat with her to find out about her internship at Glints. If you are psyched to know more about what it is like to hustle at Glints, read on.

How did you end up as a Community Marketing Intern at Glints?

Funny story – I always tell people I didn’t find this internship, rather – the job found me. Basically, I was at the Proud Spaces fair where Glints had a booth (it was a Saturday). I chatted with Bryan (my now boss-colleague) and he asked me to send in my resume.

The next night, I sent in my resume and within an hour or so of receiving it, Bryan arranged for an interview 2 days later. In a week, I got a call from him saying I got the internship and I started work the following week!

Looking back now – it all happened so fast. Truth is, I hadn’t heard of Glints prior to the career fair, but I guess everything happens for a reason.

Could you elaborate on your role as a Community Marketing Intern?


My job scope is pretty varied – but if I could summarise my job scope, it would be just one word: “Outreach”. I am in charge of answering chat queries from candidates and employers (i.e. customer support), crafting out weekly email newsletters to our candidates (sharing job recommendations and career content/articles).

Last quarter, I was in charge of managing the Facebook Community Group but for this quarter, I took over Instagram and am not handling the Glints account! (coming up with daily post content and captions). I also go for career fairs in Polytechnics and Unis.


Describe a typical day hustling at Glints.


My ideal day would consist of something like this:

I come in to work around 10am, clear chat queries in the morning before lunch. And then depending on the day, after lunch till I leave work will be spent on content planning, weekly sync-up meetings, doing up the newsletter, and coming up with Instagram captions. On some days, I get requests from other colleagues to help with some stuff. But apart from that, these are my main focus tasks.

Oh, and tea break at 3PM is a must for me to get through my work day!


Tell us what do you love most about being a Community Intern.


I am a people person, so I love that my job allows me to interact with people on all sorts of platforms – both behind the screen and in person. I’ve been told that I am technically the front-line of the company!

I think I get my sense of fulfillment when I am able to recommend job listings to our users, help someone with career advice, share interesting career content or even just hear success stories on how some candidates manage to get hired through our portal. I love that I get the opportunity to speak with young talent and help them with their career discovery journey (because I’ve been there and to be honest am still experiencing it!).

I also love how varied my job scope is – especially in terms of picking up marketing skills. I am blessed to be able to experience both digital and content marketing in this internship.

What are some of the challenges you face at your job?


Having a varied job scope definitely has its challenges. It means I am truly bringing multi-tasking to a whole new level! I have to divide my time carefully between all 3 aspects (think of it as having 3 kinds of “deadlines” in a week that I need to fulfil).

This can take a toll especially when my day is taken up by external events; I won’t be able to complete some of my daily tasks. After all, I am the only one in the office doing what I am doing! Since I technically have zero knowledge about anything marketing-related, it is a learning curve and challenge every day too. I often learn the theory through hands-on application.

Could you give us an idea of what the work culture and environment is like at Glints?


At Glints, it truly is a young, vibrant and fun culture! (Fun fact: the average age of the office is… 26.) We make it a point to have lunch together every day. There are also monthly company bonding sessions. We also have a foosball table where we sometimes take breaks and have friendly competitions!

Work culture-wise, it’s rather flexible – in a good way! We do not have fixed work timings and it’s a pretty flat hierarchy system as well. The most important thing is working towards our OKRs and our company goal!

What is the biggest takeaway from your internship?


Seeing as this is my first internship ever in a company, I feel like this internship itself is my biggest takeaway! Marketing skills and theories aside, I’ve learnt so much about me as a person – and how I adapt to a company culture. Working in a startup is also a blessing, and one that I am truly grateful for.

They say that people are the heart of startups, and I couldn’t agree more. I learn so much from each of my colleagues in my company, no matter what they do. This to me is the most important. To get the opportunity to experience so much learning and work experience in my internship – I thank my lucky stars every day.


community marketing intern

What are some advice you would give students who are looking for internships/looking to be a community intern?


I think being in a company that works with young talent who are looking for internships naturally exposes me to a lot of FAQs and concerns. Most of them are usually worried about not having any work experience (especially in the same industry) when they find an internship that they are interested in.

And to me, an internship is exactly that – getting that work experience! So don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to “sell” yourself without any work experience. Just show that you are passionate and can add value to the company; you can still be an asset.

Internships (summer, winter, or even when you graduate) is your time to discover what you like/can do, gain connections etc. – so it is definitely valuable to experience one at some point!

And I think secondly, even if you have graduated from university, it’s okay to start off your career journey with an internship. A lot of my friends anxiously start looking for a full-time job to enter adult life. But an internship can be a valuable step in your career discovery too! I mean, look at me.

Till today, I believe in refusing to settle for just anything and fighting for your calling. It’s okay if you get paid less than a full-time job. It’s okay if the older generation nags. I feel like the word “internship” carries such a negative connotation especially when it comes to graduates but hey, every stepping stone you take – no matter how small – is still a next step in your life journey.

“Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.”

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