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About Airbnb

Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a global travel community that offers magical end-to-end trips, including where you stay, what you do and the people you meet. Airbnb uniquely leverages technology to economically empower millions of people around the world to unlock and monetize their spaces, passions and talents to become hospitality entrepreneurs. Airbnb’s accommodation marketplace offers access to millions of places to stay in more than 191 countries, from apartments and villas to castles, treehouses and B&Bs.

With Experiences, people can see a different side to a destination through unique, handcrafted activities run by locals, while a partnership with Resy provides access to the best local restaurants in selected countries. All of this is brought together in one easy-to-use and beautifully designed website and app.

A large part of the audience believes Airbnb is just for renting out spaces. But in actuality, we are all about sharing our homes. A house is merely a space, but a home is a place where you feel like you belong. What makes Airbnb so great is the building of this  global community that allows you to belong anywhere. That is the fundamental mission of our company: Belonging. And to build that vision, we have four core values that we embody and embrace here at Airbnb: “Be A Host”, “Champion the Mission”, “Be a Cereal Entrepreneur” and “Embrace the Adventure”.

Why are you participating in Proud Spaces?

Building relationships and connections are the basis of creating a world where anyone can belong in. With that mission in mind, we have been partnering with organizations to advance this cause. It is our duty as a Recruiting team to promote diversity and belonging and we need to engage all communities to achieve this reality.

Airbnb has a high hiring bar and a fun but extensive recruiting process. We search for people with strong connection and alignment to its mission and values. Like with all interviews, we are seeking individuals who are well-prepared and have an understanding of the business.

When interviewing, Airbnb is looking for individuals who have a passion for what they do and can add value to the organisation. We look forward to hearing about the adventure that got you to where you are today!

Policies geared towards granting equal benefits for employees

Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where the 7.4 billion people of the world can belong anywhere. Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing regions for Airbnb and this is not by chance. Every employee plays an important role in striving to bring their mission to life. With nearly 5 million listings in 81,000 cities and over 191 countries, the company is a trusted platform powered by the relationships of this massive community.

In line with its mission, talent policies are crafted such that they are inclusive with child-bonding leave available to all parents (birth, adoptive or partners of the same gender) as well as flexible work hours depending on arrangements with their managers.

Employee-led resource groups are also encouraged to bolster an inclusive culture. These groups, called “Airfinity”, celebrate individuality and how that makes the community great. They also generate awareness and advocacy around issues that employees value, and guide the company’s initiatives in recruitment, leadership, product development, and community outreach.

There is a wide variety of development opportunities and tools that enable and support all employees in their career growth, regardless of their roles within the company. From coaching programs with senior managers in the firm, to rotations or exchanges in certain teams that allow employees to have the opportunity to travel and share their expertise with their global counterparts.

The company’s culture and how we support our employees and invest in them are the foundation to Airbnb’s success. Just as we are trying to create a world where anyone can belong, we want our employees to truly feel they belong at work.


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