The Search Continues; Here Are The Top Opportunities In September!

A short story:

Baxter wants to be a graphic designer. He’s had this passion since his polytechnic days and has already taken multiple internship opportunities. In spite this, Baxter feels that he does not have enough experience and yearns for far more exposure. He wants to learn much more and secure top opportunities when he graduates. Unfortunately, he is in university now and can only take internships during the university breaks. He wonders if there’s another way to improve his skills during the school term.

At Glints, we believe in not letting the circumstances define you. That is why we have made it our mission to provide all kinds of top opportunities on our platform; projects and part-time internships being great opportunities for students like Baxter. Such opportunities can be taken even when you’re studying or working and are great for honing your craft. Here are our top picks for the posts in early September:


Most Unique Opportunities

Freelance Content Hero at Airfrov!

Always up to date with new product launches, food, travel and shopping tips? Share your knowledge and creativity with shoppers at home and frequent travellers on Airfrov’s blog! You are the Content Hero and you decide what to write! Sounds cool? Check it out here!

Camp Instructor (Freelance/Part-time) at High Achievers Outdoor Consultant!

Love going outdoors? Love chillin’ by the campfire? If you do, one last question for you: Do you have Passion and Drive in working with Youths? Come join us in our quest in “Changing Lives”! Check it out here!

Social Media Ambassador at Truuue!

Let’s all admit it, we love our social media accounts and working flexibly (how ‘bout from home?) right? True? Truuue. Work remotely from wherever you are while taking charge of Truuue’s social media accounts. You even get invitations to networking events and mentorship from veterans in the start-up ecosystem! Interested already? Check it out here!

Most Popular Opportunities

Article Writers at The 1885 Kettle Gourmet!

Aspiring to be a writer? Why not start here! At the 1885 Kettle Gourmet, you will get plenty of exposure through writing online articles, PR-related press articles and marketing collaterals! Don’t miss this! Check it out here!

Events and Marketing Support at Kombi Rocks!

Got a flair for communications? Love to be around people? Resourceful and flexible with incredible management skills? If you are all the above, then you are very much needed by Kombi Rocks! Check it out here!

Social Media Marketer (Part-time) at Datefyx!

DateFyx is growing and looking for staff to be a part of this exciting start-up journey. If you have been looking for that one chance to shine out in social media marketing, and put all your creative ideas to play, look no further! Check it out here!



Author: Bryan Lee

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