5 reasons to intern in startups


1. Learn how to build a business from the ground up


Whether you dream of having your own business or are curious about the origins of a successful business, working in a startup as an intern is a great experience to have. You will be able to witness first-hand how a business is being run and managed from the start.

2. Transforming your ideas into reality 


Working or interning in a startup usually means that the management team is small. As the team is more inclusive, your ideas and contributions are more likely to be noticed and implemented. One of the first things that you will notice in startups is that each individual’s unique skills and competencies matter. You will never know when your musical, aesthetic or linguistic abilities might come in handy.

3. The hunger to explore and discover


In a start-up, everything is new and everybody is learning from each other. This means that you will play a part in determining the direction of the company and how successful it is despite being an intern. Every single day is filled with new experiences, ideas and meeting new people.

4. The drive to explore your hidden capabilities


When working or interning in a startup, you will experience different roles and take up a range of responsibilities. If you’re used to developing apps but want to try your luck in leading a team, or have spent most of your time doing online marketing and want to know your competency in market feasibility analysis, working in a startup will be the perfect choice.

5. Corporate wear is not your thing


In a start-up, attitude trumps attire and most start-ups are more concerned with results rather than your attire. However, this is not a green sign to be in pajamas. If you’re looking for a different working environment where your ideas matter and hardwork is appreciated, then the start-up life is the place to go.

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