Three types of internships you can choose

Whether you’re just a freshman starting out in university or an undergrad in your penultimate year, one of your end goals will likely centre around snagging internships. Though you won’t get a high salary, you’ll gain RICH experience. How else are you going to assimilate and become one of the Grown Ups?!

Selecting an internship doesn’t have to be boring. Ultimately, the internship you choose will depend on who you are, what skills you have, and what personal goals you’ve set for yourself.

Here’s a brief rundown of the different types of internships you can choose from!



Corporate drones can be found in a myriad of industries – and that’s because corporations are everywhere, no matter where you look! Shipping, oil and gas, finance, and IT – you name it, these are all the arenas where corporations thrive, especially in busy, busy Singapore. Depending on your course of study and personal ambition, you might want to look to corporate internships. Start-up internships are exciting as well! They’ll definitely give you a taste of that fast-paced, dynamic work environment young entrepreneurs are raving about.

Corporate jobs usually focus a lot on profitability, which means you’ll need to be a very driven individual with a thirst for great results. These internships tend to be pretty competitive. They’re hunting for the best, most competent young person to join their ranks and (hopefully) convert to a full-time position afterwards, after all!



The public sector also presents many opportunities. Most of these internships will come from government bodies/agencies as well as NGOs. Again, depending on your skill set and education, public sector internships might fit you like a glove, especially if you’re someone who thrives off public service. A few of these organisations include the Housing Development Board, the National Environment Agency, and AWWA.

The good thing about public sector internships is that they open you up to a stable career in the public sector, and you’ll likely receive some reasonable benefits too!



Internships that take you out of Singapore are the most exciting of the lot. Not only will you get the chance to work in multinational work environments, you’ll also be able to experience the thrill of life abroad.

Living independently is cool, but imagine being out of Singapore! You have to literally step out of your comfort zone. Committing to taking on a great learning journey on your own is sometimes is a really scary thing! The experience will shape you (and your CV) in unique ways which may, later on, lead to greater opportunities! If you get the chance to travel abroad for an internship, go for it!

Internships can be pretty big deals. Even if you’re stumped right now, one thing’s for sure: being an intern is not always about going on coffee runs and doing menial tasks. They’re a gateway into the industry of your dreams, and every opportunity can be maximised to its fullest potential if you’re serious enough. Ask anyone: they’ll tell you that the internship they embarked on was worth it.

So which internship should you pick? There’s no straight answer. Think on it, sleep on it, and figure out what you really want to do before you hit the search button!

If you’re already looking for internships, check out Glints’ job portal and this handy article for more sites, and see if anything catches your attention! And remember to have fun!

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