The life of Shopee’s Cross-Border eCommerce Associate and Regional Operations Associate: Rainy Kong, Ruyan Shou

When we say Shopee, what’s the first thing you think of? Some of you might be curious as to what makes this awesome shopping platform work (aside from enabling shopaholics). We managed to get Rainy, Shopee’s Cross-Border eCommerce Associate, to share her personal experience as a Shopee employee alongside Ruyan, the Regional Operations Associate. Check it out below.

How did you get to where you are now?

RK: I came to Singapore three years ago with a background in computer science to pursue my Master’s degree. I learnt a lot, studying in Singapore, and eventually joined Shopee after graduation.

Gradually, I found out that classroom knowledge was far from enough if I wanted to achieve more in work. I had no background knowledge or relevant experience with eCommerce. There was very little I knew about efficiently coordinating different teams and settling conflicts. At the beginning, I had no idea how to deliver a project that could meet everyone’s expectations. I was lost and frustrated – and busy everyday. Despite that, I achieved nothing.

Realizing my weakness, I began reading about Internet giants like Google and Amazon to learn from their stories. I also conducted research on eCommerce partners and competitors. Eventually, in my daily work, I found that I could apply the knowledge I picked up. I got better at managing projects – it is now one of my most valuable areas of knowledge.

What do you like most about your job?

RK: We have a very friendly team with considerate and supportive bosses. Often, we’ll have serious debates – sometimes about just one data point! But we also chat about food or shopping. There’s a real sense of trust here, and we’re open to different ideas all the time. When we face difficulties, our bosses are there to give advice and support.

What’s a typical day like for you?

RK: A typical day for me in Shopee always starts from checking my to-do list. I will write down weekly tasks, then daily tasks, and highlight the urgent ones. I find that it’s quite normal to be interrupted when you’re trying to finish a task on the spot. Unexpected tasks jump in every hour. It’s difficult to stick to the original plan, but without it, the entire day will be chaotic. To unwind from the fast pace of work, I usually head for yoga at noon – or after work. When I’m home, I read and watch dramas.

What words will you use to describe Shopee’s work environment/community?

RK: The organisation is flat – our bosses are very kind. They’re more like mentors instead of superiors, and are willing to share their experiences without discounting your opinions.

Shopee has an open culture too. Everyone loves to discuss different ideas; even if there’s an idea that’s completely different from the rest, it’ll get support if it’s reasonable. Working at Shopee is fast-paced, but everyone works together. We’re running to achieve results for better user experiences, adapting to new policies, and beating our competitors.

Any words of advice for those looking to follow your steps life-/career-wise?

RK: Work hard and play harder. Working isn’t always easy and can get really stressful. Find a way to relax and refresh yourself – it doesn’t matter if it’s travelling, reading, running, or just laying in bed doing nothing at all. Allow breaks for yourself when you’re tired. Then go back to work happily.

Sounds like a challenge – but what a fulfilling one! We really loved what Rainy had to share, and we hope you did too. If you haven’t been scared off and are instead more eager than ever to take a dip into the eCommerce pool, awesome! Shopee has open positions right now, just for you. That means joining Rainy and the team- and taking your career to the next level.

Ready for more? Here’s Ruyan’s interview!

How did you get to where you are now?

R: Patience and willingness to adapt, I would like to say, are the most important keywords that get me through challenges and unhappiness during work.

I was overwhelmed by new topics, tasks, and technical skills I was asked to learn when I just joined Shopee. That was the hardest period for me. Fortunately, I didn’t give up and took each challenge as an opportunity for me to absorb new things. I feel I’m much more experienced now and I won’t panic when a big and unknown task is given to me.

What do you like most about your job?

R: I like my teammates. I think having similar-aged colleagues in a company is a blessing because usually they have similar feelings as you and they understand you. When you are in trouble, they can provide help – it’s easier than asking for help from a more senior person.

What’s a typical day like for you?

R: I’m not the type of person to wake up very early in the morning. However, I come to work on time. I usually bring my breakfast to the company cafe and talk to my colleagues to find out what is happening around the office. I’m a multitasker so you can often find me handling many things at the same time in the office: analysing data, answering people’s questions, and more. I seldom eat dinner in the office because I usually meet my girlfriend.

What words will you use to describe Shopee’s work environment/community?

R: Fast, multicultural, young, and challenging.

Any words of advice for those looking to follow your steps life-/career-wise?

R: I think people should  be realistic about their expectations of  careers. Working is totally different from being a student and doing projects with friends. Working is serious, requires good effort, and needs you to be professional and ethical.

We know the feel of having to wake up early in the morning! But there’s clearly something about Shopee that gets Ruyan to work on time, regardless. Opportunities like these don’t come everyday, so don’t miss out. Check out the rest of our Unicorn Opportunities while you’re at it, too.

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