The glitzy, challenging life of a L’Oreal internship: Angele Chan

Ever wanted to know all the details about a L’Oreal internship (or somewhere just like L’Oreal)? Well, look no further – we’ve got an awesome interview with ex-L’Oreal intern Angele right here. Let’s dig deep into her internship and learn what it takes to brave the beauty industry in good ol’ Singapore.

And away we go!

How long did you work for L’Oreal as an intern?

Six months. I was with L’Oreal from January to June 2017.

What was your basic job scope?

In L’Oreal, you’re always allocated to a specific function even as an intern. For me, it was trade marketing.

Trade marketing, in the beauty industry, refers to working with retailers (like departmental stores and Sephora) to create mini animations and events within our stores for branding and sales. In L’Oreal, the good and bad parts are that you’re basically exposed to everything; I was doing more than trade marketing, like public relations, retail, and social media marketing. It sounds like a lot, but it gave me great depth for my time at L’Oreal. It really exposes you well to the beauty industry and teaches you a bit of everything.

What’s the culture at L’Oreal like? How did you like it?

The culture at L’Oreal is fun and young! Everyone’s pretty hip and each team is like-minded. I quite liked it as a young intern – it was easy to speak to seniors in the company, stuff like that. Word of caution, though: in L’Oreal, you really need to love beauty to survive the internship or else everyday can become hell for you.

Was your job challenging? How did you overcome difficulties?

My job was soooo challenging. Because I worked in one of the largest brands in L’Oreal, the workload was insane! I got mini heart attacks almost every other day whenever something went wrong. But I think the key to all of that was to stay calm and slowly solve whatever you can.

Sometimes things are just out of your control and if you can’t solve it, just do your best. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Also, time management is super important especially if you don’t want to work OT, haha.

What do you think is the best thing about choosing this L’Oreal internship?

It’s a big company with established processes, so it’s a good place to start. My internship was well-structured and organised. An intern’s role in this company is more or less a full-time role, so it’s crucial that everything you do helps the business run smoothly.

You also get to learn a lot from older professionals in the company and gain lots of industry experience. After you’ve conquered the most tiring internship ever, you can face anything!

Side note: the company name on your CV is good enough to impress lots of employers. 😉

What’s your most impactful project or task?

I did quite a few trade events and some PR events. Those big key launches for beauty events really teach you how your marketing managers plan and execute everything. It’s really rewarding to see your planning being executed and to see it all come to life. I’d say those events were very impactful to me.

What’s a typical day like at L’Oreal as an intern?

We typically get in around 9.30AM to sit down and plan tasks for the day. By 10AM, we’ll have settled all our administrative stuff. Sometimes I go into the department stores to help set up a trade event. Once I get back to the office, I plan a PR kit for the next makeup launch, clear it with my boss, and start sourcing for materials.

After lunch, it’s back to planning trade events and making sure that floor plans and designs are all good before sending it out to the contractors. Those contractors will draw everything up in 3D. Meanwhile, I get back to some admin work. Then something goes wrong. PANIC. Then solve it and breathe a sigh of relief. Oh crap, it’s 6.30PM already! I usually spend the rest of the evening tying up loose ends and go home around 7.30PM or later.

Best key takeaways and learning points from your L’Oreal internship?

Something that really struck me was the importance of being able to think and solve problems by yourself. People are paying you to make solutions, so you have to persevere and give solutions instead of giving up easily!

I know as an intern it might seem scary and daunting to work with these experienced professionals who know more than you. But it’s still important to think clearly, speak up, and give your opinions on the solutions provided. I’ve learnt to hold my tongue and think before I speak. If you’re unsure about an email you’re supposed to send, hold onto it for a day and read it the next day. You’ll find that you can add value to it when you’re reading something with fresh eyes.

Don’t be scared about going for this internship because it’s one of the best decisions I ever made – and it probably will be for you too.

Inspiring – and somewhat intimidating! Ready to jump into a L’Oreal internship yourself, or somewhere else in the beauty industry?

Hop on our marketplace and explore new job opportunities everyday. Good luck!

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