The Top Business Internships You Must Apply To


Being a business student is hard. On top of having the knowledge, you’re expected to converse effectively, look presentable and produce sleek presentation slides. It is surely one of the most difficult courses to ace. To take things up a notch, business students also have to stress themselves out with applying for competitive business internships during each semester break. To save you some time and ease some stress, we have collated the top business internships you must apply for all in one page. They are:


1. Google: As one of the largest companies in the world, Google offers internships in many different divisions and are available all over the world. The company is also very open about its practices and has often invited the media to tour it’s Mountain View, CA headquarters. They are known for their fun and welcoming atmosphere to all levels of employees from executives to those lucky interns.


2. Facebook: Another highly public company, Facebook, is known for fostering a supportive and creative work environment for all its employees. Facebook welcomes students and recent grads for various aspects of their company from analytics to management and sales. As a once flourishing startup themselves, Facebook offers internships to various startup companies they invest in as well such as the virtual reality startup, Oculus.


3. Bain & Company: This global consulting company offers internships all over the world to high performing undergraduate and MBA students. Their summer internship has students work with teams to work on actual client projects. Interns are involved in every process from board meetings to in-depth planning for strategies for clients. The company also holds company events and networking events which interns are able to meet with other team members.


4. Evercore: As the number one pick for’s top 50 internships, Evercore provides one of the best summer programs for students interested in investment banking. This 10-week program interns work with various projects within the company and are given as much responsibility for clients as they can handle. Interns are often paired with a full-time staff member so that the internship often turns into more of a mentorship experience.


5. Elliot Davis: Elliot Davis is one of the largest accounting firms in the U.S. and has branches in several states. Their internship program is created specifically to cater to students interested in working with the company and not simply looking to gain experience. The program looks to give students an encompassing experience with the company to decide if they can see themselves working in the company. Interns work on real tax and audit projects as well as complete an intern project of their own.


6. CapTech: CapTech is known for their positive company culture and supportive team environment, a value they pass on to their interns. Through their internship program, interns work one-on-one with a senior consultant and spend signficant time learning about their work experiences. This close internship starts off with the intern and company partner discussing goals for their internship and the partner tracks the intern’s progress throughout the program. This close mentorship helps interns see an in-depth look at not only how to work in the business field but also learn to have a positive work attitude and learn to balance their work and personal life.


7. Startups: I know many of you view startups as backup plans. Today, I advise you to prioritise it. Internships at a growing company provides more exposure as it often entails more hands-on experiences. You can also have the opportunity to work closely with the heads and founders of the company. Such experiences are invaluable as you get to learn directly from capable and motivated individuals. Moreover, you are able to see how your contributions (even as an intern) can directly leave an impact.

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Edited: Bryan Lee

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