What I would tell my younger self about #Adulting

As an adult, I wish I could tell my younger self a whole load of things- apart from the norm ‘you should have studied harder.’  

One thing’s for sure, #adulting is a really fast pace phase that soon enough, you’d probably be clinching business deals and before you know it – receive keys to your own home!

Especially to those who recently turned legal, welcome aboard the ‘adult express’. It ain’t gonna be an easy ride ahead and you’d in no time go ‘ALAMAK! I wish I could turn back time!”

If I could literally do so, here’s 3 top things I’d definitely tell the young(er) me. 


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We could have at some point in our lives heard our parents saying ‘only an adult can do this and that’ back when we were younger. Like how adults can watch R21 movies, come home past midnight, buy the things you want and, OMG, eat as many chocolates and sweets as you like. The list goes on and on…

Truth is, #adulting doesn’t solely revolve around those ‘perks’..

Lemme just say you’ll come home past midnight – only cos you’ve got a hella load of work in the office. You’ll eat lots of junk food – only to hit the gym lifting weights like a beast. Also, you’ll end up watching R21 movies, only to discover they ain’t much different from the Twilight series.

With that comes the worry of needing to book an Uber/Grab home after OT-ing, paying for gym memberships, and paying for adult movie ticket prices which are more expensive than student-priced tickets.

Not forgetting, we(Adults) do end up having second (or even a gazillion) thoughts before buying the latest Stan Smiths cos #priorities – bills, adult concession fares and needing to give our parents some allowance too.


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Recall how sad you were to have lost your closest friend whom you thought was your BFF? #RealityCheck, it’s really all part of growing up. I have known friends who are super popular back in school and end up being all lonely as they grow older.

As an adult, no one really has the time to have the ‘I don’t wanna friend you anymore’ moment. That being said, #adulting makes you reconsider the type of friends you make instead – ‘real’ friends to be specific.

Real friends are people who aren’t afraid of hitting you with that dose of reality. They’ll be the ones looking out for you in desperate times as well as  be the first ones to point out your mistakes to you – It may hurt and sound harsh to hear the truth from them but try to look at it in a way of encouraging personal growth. It’s better for a friend of yours rather than a stranger to point out your weaknesses!

Eventually, #adulting is about learning to be independent and only the best would survive! At some point of time, you might even feel like you’re part of The Amazing Race – Life Edition!


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Getting As are every parents’ #wishlist the minute they flip through their child’s report books when the term ends. Being the average student most of us are, we would have secretly hoped by consuming multiple vitamins and the iconic ‘Chicken essence’ we would become a genius in an instant.

Well, they never worked did they? Eventually, we would have felt like the world was crumbling down and giving up seemed like the way out.

Nonetheless, you’ll eventually outgrow that thought as you age and realise that you’re good at something else. Be it in videography, designing or simply playing the bass guitar, these skills could outstand the ‘smartie pants’ classmates you’ve always envied back in school.

Life doesn’t entirely revolve around those school grades; essentially, it’s about how you get back on your feet and learn from those downfalls.

#Adulting isn’t gonna be any easier than it is now, but you’ve got to trust yourself. Who knows, that childhood dream of yours to be a rockstar could one day still be made possible?

Oh yes! One thing’s for sure, being able to sign off your own forms instead of seeking for your parents’ signatures sure feels good.

Time stops for no one so let’s make the best out of every second we have!

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