Taking The Initiative Using Poems

Think you’re too shy to take the initiative in your internship?

Apply these simple tips!


 When to take initiative…

1. When learning the company culture

It’s more than just fitting in;

It’s about being part of the team.

Observation is key, respect the norms

Know what to avoid and what to pass on.

Learn what is appropriate and what is not;

It makes it easier for everyone.

Ask if you’re unsure, and you’ll get along.

Source: Future At Work
Source: Future At Work


2. When evaluating your work  

Unless instructed otherwise

Ask for feedback, advice,

Request for regular evaluation

Of your performance.

Be it report, design,

Check against the requirements.

Making your boss’s job easier

Always pays off later.

If he/she is busy,

Self-evaluation would’t hurt one bit.

Show that you’re a critic

Of your own art piece!


3. When looking for opportunities to develop your skills

Know your own expectations.

If you want to learn,

Gotta voice your concerns,

When work is too tough

Or too light for your touch.

Go the extra mile, if you can still manage.

New projects, crash courses,

Ask for resources to build your knowledge

And you’ll have more to showcase.

Source: Bhavesh Patel
Source: Bhavesh Patel


4. When you’re in the wrong

When you’re late for work

When you need a day off

It doesn’t hurt

To inform your boss first!

When the task is gone,

When results go wrong,

Analyse the problem,

Propose a solution.

E.g. when a customer turns sour (oh noes!)

Take the first step to reconciliation.

But if you have no clue,

Ask your boss for a suggestion.

Source: Who's Who
Source: Who’s Who


5. When developing (meaningful) relationships

Initiative is key

When it comes to being friendly

Ask questions, sincerely

Share your own hobbies and abilities.

Be helpful, contribute your ideas

For a better workplace, better atmosphere.

Tap into company’s resources

And professional links

Without trespassing.

Keep in touch, offer a helping hand

Or work part-time after summer ends.

Source: Mind Tools
Source: Mind Tools


Taking initiative is natural

Once you’ve overcome the inertia

And resistance to change.

All that remains

Is pretty simple!


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