Switching your career in Singapore? Here’re 4 things to include in your resume

Having a kickass resume helps you get called up by potential employers. Such personal branding is especially crucial when you’re trying to change industries! With 1-5 years’ work experience, changing industries is common as you find your feet around latest market and tech trends. Worried that you may not make the cut for the switch? Here are four tried and tested ways to promote yourself in your resume when making a career switch.

1. An eye-catching new career objective

Think of it as a shoutout to the hiring manager! You’ve to indicate interest on this very position and industry that you are applying for, despite coming from another seemingly different one! Your career objective needs to be a hook to get you called up for the job interview. This tiny blurb should not land your resume in the bin. You have to sell yourself as the ideal candidate for the role you applied for! Show that you are making the switch consciously and that your previous experiences help.

An example: Experienced (previous position/specialty) with (number of years) of experience looking to leverage accomplishments in (three previous scopes/industries of mastery) for (new industry/new position).

2. Skills sets that are Relevant and Transferable

Be sure to state the core skills you have gained and exhibited in each of your work experience, highlighting transferable skills you can bring to the new role. Usually soft skills such as negotiation and engagement, as well as language capabilities useful for different markets, and general administration and management skills are valued across industries.

Word these skill sets in line with the new position you are applying for. For instance, if you are looking at a sales role, do state and demonstrate your adeptness at listening to clients, identifying their needs and building rapport. Similarly, if you have upgraded your skill sets on your own through self-learning or attending classes, do show the certifications and knowledge that you have obtained.

3. Achievements at work

When a hiring manager shortlists a candidate who is making a career change, it is a sure vote of confidence. You’ve got to be convincing with a track record of success and stating your hunger to clinch more achievements! Making a career shift is not easy, it’s important to show that you’re a go-getter to be relied upon to generate concrete results. It also proves your dedication and determination in making the ultimate career change. This assures the employer that you will tackle an industry challenge wholeheartedly and not not back away when there are new setbacks or difficulties, such as pressures to generate sales and buy-in.

4. Exposure and interest in the new field

Showing your interest and prior exposure for the sector you’re applying for goes a long way. Perhaps you’ve had your interest and calling sparked due to a non-work related activity. It could be have been your long-term interest or something you picked up during skills-based volunteering or a part-time stint. If you have started going to industry events and joined online communities for your industry of interest at your own time, feel free to state your membership and attendance for related activities.

You would have already taken small steps towards the work scope and industry of your choice make the all-important job switch application now. The bottom line is to keep your resume as related to the new scope and industry as much as possible! Good luck 😉

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