How To Sustain A Long Distance Relationship

Some believe that long distance relationships are doomed for failure, while others believe that they are entirely feasible. No matter what your beliefs are, the fact remains that in this globalised world of ours, there could very well come a day where we will find ourself in a long distance relationship.

If you are or are going to be in a long distance relationship, this article is for you: learn how you can sustain the sparks in your romance despite being miles apart.

Set Ground Rules

Ground rules should be set as early as possible so both parties involved in the long distance relationship are clear on each other’s expectations. An important thing to discuss would be the exclusivity of the relationship – are dates with other people allowed? Even though ground rules may be an iffy subject to talk about and may be seen as a hassle to spending quality time with each other before the impending physical separation, they need to be discussed thoroughly.

You wouldn’t want to argue with each other over a video or phone call as to why your partner is dating others – the physical distance will only serve to amplify the emotional distance. If your partner isn’t allowed to do certain things while they’re apart from you, be sure to let them know. Of course, you’ll have to make sure that they’re okay with your expectations too.

Communicate Regularly

Without emotional connection, a relationship cannot flourish. Set aside specific periods of the day or week to communicate with your partner: in a long distance relationship, even simply sending a grainy picture of the sandwich you gobbled down for breakfast will make your partner feel closer to you. Update each other on your lives while being apart and don’t hold back from telling each other all the ugly stuff – keeping things to yourself while being miles away from each other will only pull you two apart.

Do not cancel on agreed Skype dates unless absolutely necessary: this shows that you treasure every single moment you get to spend with your partner and that they are still your priority in life.

Do Things Together

Being stuck on separate continents doesn’t mean that you guys can’t do things together. Arrange for a movie date night where the both of you snuggle in bed and watch the same movie while on video call – while it won’t nearly be as good as having the other right next to you, at least you both will be doing the same thing. In a long distance relationship, couples can drift apart from each other pretty fast but constantly doing things together can help prevent that: these shared experiences will provide more topics in common to talk about.

Avoid ‘Dangerous’ Situations

Staying out late at a bar? Clubbing? ‘Hanging out’ with a cute colleague? If you know that your partner won’t be exactly keen on the idea of you being stuck in such situations, then you should probably avoid such activities. If you do find yourself in such situations, however, be sure to update your significant other to reassure them that there’s nothing they should be worried about. Always be accountable for your actions.

Once again, this goes back to the idea of setting ground rules even before the onset of a long distance relationship – are you allowed to casually hit on others, are you allowed to club, so on and so forth. Every relationship will be different.

Visit One Another

The truth is, long distance relationships suck. Not being able to hug, hold and kiss your significant other is just about the worst feeling on Earth. This is why it’s important to schedule flights to visit one another whenever it is possible. No matter how short they are, these visits are bound to fan the flames of your passion for one another again. Also, remember to always treasure each and every trip – the precious time together shouldn’t be spent on arguing over which restaurant to go to, it should go toward strengthening the bond between the two of you.


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