Supercharge your Confidence Level at Work!

Supercharge your Confidence Level at Work

It can be a little daunting being around people from different walks of life – especially if you’re getting into a new job and had no work experiences prior. (Gulp!) So your bosses are scary, your colleagues are standoffish, you don’t know where to get your daily hit of caffeine, your mind is running a mile a minute – the list goes on, and your confidence level at work is at an all-time low.

How to work liddat? Ermergerd!

Well, sit yourself down, take deep breaths, keep calm and listen up! Here are some super easy ways to supercharge your confidence level at work and kick ass at any job you’re at.

Heads up, chest out and stay alert

Be in tune with your company's culture to up your confidence level at work.

The best way to fit into any organisation and up your confidence level at work is to be in tune with the company’s culture. Have a thorough understanding of your job scope and what is required of you in your day-to-day tasks.

Take the time to ask your supervisors and colleagues some cool and intelligent questions. Everyone loves to be seen as the “expert” in their field, so go forth and speak to people who are more knowledgeable and capable than you are at the office. The more you know, the more your confidence level at work will grow.

Plus, it also shows that you’re super excited about your job – and we all love helping and working with people who love what they do.

Fake it till you become it

Work with what you have and work on your weaknesses to protect your confidence level at work.

Imposter syndrome is a real thing. Even the best in the business such as Apple’s VP Alan Dye worries about being “exposed” to Tim Cook as a terrible worker. 

Here’s the thing though – you’re hired for a reason. You obviously did something right during the interview, and they loved you enough to make you a part of their team.

Whether it’s your winning smile, your sunny personality or your skills – it doesn’t matter. Bottom line, you’re someone with the potential to be super important in their organisation, so work with what you have, get better at what you are already amazing at and work on your weaknesses. Protect your confidence level at work from big hits like self-doubt and low self-esteem!

Keep a log of accomplishments to stay motivated

Celebrate every single accomplishment and milestone to boost your confidence level at work.

There’s nothing better than being reminded of the amazing stuff that you get to do daily. So, keep a little diary and make a list of all your accomplishments.

Did some problem solving today? Worked through some challenges with your colleagues? Great job, young Padawan! Now write it down so you’ll remain motivated and take pride in the knowledge that you’re an asset to the company and your team mates.  

After all, it’s the little things that builds you up, so celebrate every single accomplishment and milestone. It will do wonders for your confidence level at work.

If the going gets tough, the tough dig deep and kick butt!

Work harder than everyone else in the room.

We’re not going to lie – there will be times when going through the motions at work can be a little soul crushing.

The solution to all this? Eradicate all negativity (including thoughts, inclinations towards self-sabotage and gossipy people) from your immediate circle and work harder than everyone else in the room.

Building confidence is a work in progress, and more often than not, it takes much consistent effort, time and commitment to achieve your ultimate form. (Hur hur. Pokemon evolution anyone? No? Fine.)

As pro-wrestler / superstar / international beefcake The Rock used to say “It’s fundamentals: show up, outwork everyone, and rely on my (your) own two hands to get the job done.”  Now that is a pretty darn good tip to boosting your self-worth and blowing everyone’s mind away at your office.

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