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About Chope

Chope helps restaurants use online booking channels, improve yield, and keep better track of their clients’​ preferences  They also help diners discover the best and most popular restaurants in Asia through their website and apps ( With nearly 2000 restaurants in the network and millions of diners seated, Chope is committed to making restaurant dining and discovery easier than ever before.

Chope’s culture is one that prides inclusivity, flexibility, and accountability. Big believers in the ‘hire fully-formed adults and treat them like adults’ mantra, we strive to ensure an office space where all employees feel safe, appreciated, and able to push themselves to develop and grow with the support of their peers and managers.

Why are we organising Proud Spaces?

Well, quite a few members of the team wanted to be part of Pink Fest this year, and in the end we realised that we wanted to go in a direction that really leveraged on Chope being a company and business. The question then was, what do we do?

Stirred by the experiences of friends and colleagues who felt like outsiders in their own companies due to being single parents, minority races, or LGBTQIA+, we wanted to send a message that it isn’t always like that in Singapore. Sure, people know that the Googles and the Facebooks are open and diverse, but how about the local companies? We were sure that other companies felt it was important too, and with the great response to Red Dot For Pink Dot, we thought a career and culture showcase was the perfect idea.

Policies geared towards granting equal benefits for employees?

Very early on we felt that it was important to back up a culture of inclusivity with policy. As a result, we work hard to create equitable outcomes when it comes to benefits.

For example:

Marriage leave in Singapore tends to be limited by the laws surrounding marriage, but we approve marriage leave on the basis of the celebration/ceremony, not on whether it’s legally recognised. So whether it’s a same-sex union overseas, or a ceremony here, that’s covered in our wedding leave policy.

Similarly, we make specific allowances for childcare policies that apply beyond traditional nuclear families. While adoption and other alternatives have been a bit contentious in Singapore recently, we strive to look beyond that and address our employee’s family units however they define them.

Most recently we’ve also started implementing a more detailed code of conduct that takes the broad guidelines we had on ‘discriminatory speech’ and ‘hostile work environments’ and expanded it based on a published code of conduct by one of our investors.

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