SG Edition: What Is Your Working Style?

A/N: This article is written from an entertainment standpoint. Hired knows that there are people out there who are buckling down in their career. Keep rocking and show everyone what you’ve got, folks. #StayAwesome

How would you describe your working style? In an article on the Inc website, Torch Co-founder and CEO Shelley Prevost categorises it into four unique groups: Doing, Leading, Loving and Learning. Here at Hired, we thought it would be interesting to sort them in Singaporean style. Did yours make the list?

The Act Blur

Image Source: Random Nerds

This is the co-worker who frequently acts dumb when something in the office goes horribly wrong. Don’t let their image fool you, though. They may looked like they’re thick as two short plants, but in reality, they’re pretty sneaky. Watch out, because they’re a lot smarter than you think.

Scenario: “Huh? The deadline for the business proposal is today? No one tell me leh. Ah ya, you know, knowledge is a very tricky thing.” *channels Joey Tribbiani

The Boh Chup

Image Source: Mobile9

Impromptu presentation? Crisis alert? Sudden retrenchment? Pipe burst in the commercial office washroom? They couldn’t care less. The Boh Chup typically takes everything in stride; they’re the ones who roll their eyes when they see their co-workers hitting the panic button.

Scenario: “Regina kena fired? Ar? Boss going to let go workers in the office? Aiyah, boh chup lah. What to do? Call me when the real apocalypse is coming.”

The Kan Cheong

Image Source: Jens Oliver Meiert

The Kan Cheong is a common figure in a fast-paced work environment. To them, deadlines and presentations are their worst nightmare. Because time is of the essence, they typically complete tasks at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, it does not occur to them that there comes a point when their kan cheong behaviour becomes overbearing.

Scenario: “Walau-eh, what was going through your mind when you called me about joining my department at 4 o’clock in the morning? Why so kan cheong?”

The Geh Kiang

Image Source: Ryan McGuire

The Geh Kiang has a big head. Smug and deluded, they think they’re the best in well, everything. They recover quickly from setbacks, even when they end up with having eggs on their face. They’re like the leopard who can’t change its spots — no matter how hard anyone tries to correct them.

Scenario: “Eh, bro. Mai gei kiang hor. Your boss might not like the high-cost business idea. Who knows, later you kena get spit on the face.”

The Kiasu

Image Source: TODAY

The Kiasu obsessively checks their multiple email accounts and team collaboration tools — even on public holidays, when they clearly should let their hair down. They put themselves first and more often than not, they don’t give a hoot about other people’s feelings.

Scenario: “Eeyer, why you guys like that. So what if it’s National Day? You can watch the repeat telecast next week what… Come, let’s have a meeting for the [insert the minutest of things], so we can finish the business proposal and I can get a promotion faster.” 


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