Senior analysts at Scoot dish out details on their jobs and why they love them

What else goes on behind the yellow curtains of Scoot, our very own low-cost airline? Plenty! And this time, we’re peeking into the revenue management and partnerships departments.

Senior Analysts Jun Rong and Beng Leng – who work in Revenue Management and Partnerships and Interline respectively – sat down with us to share their career experiences at Scoot. We loved hearing from them – check out their interviews below!

Could you give us a little background on how you joined Scoot in your current role as a Senior Analyst for Revenue Management?

JR: I joined Scoot as an Analyst for Revenue Management upon graduation from university and have been with the company for three years now. I love dealing with numbers and figures, so the role seemed like something I would enjoy as well as excel in. Since joining Scoot, I have had the opportunity to oversee several markets/regions, including Australia, West Asia, Middle East, Europe and China.

I currently lead a team of four, with a third of Scoot’s network – 66 destinations – under our charge.

What exactly is Revenue Management and what is a typical day like in your role?

JR: Airfare forms the core revenue of an airline and managing this resides with our department. Our job basically determines the fare that you see on the website. This is dictated by several factors such as competitor pricing, number of seats sold, cost of operating, and more. Think of it as a game of demand and supply (one reason why flights during the holiday season is usually a little pricier)!

A typical day involves inventory and pricing control management with respect to current conditions to maximise revenue. This is done hand-in-hand with a myriad of analyses on prevailing market conditions, booking trends, as well as competition. We are also constantly working with the other departments (e.g. Sales, Marketing) to provide input on upcoming promotions.

My role as a team lead also requires that I ensure all markets under my team are on track towards meeting our targets. I also provide guidance to team members when needed.

Do you have to travel for work and where have you been?

JR: There are travel opportunities for work, such as market visits to the local team or trade partners to further understand market conditions, as well as participation in conferences/events that are held overseas.

I have travelled for both purposes to countries such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, and even Saudi Arabia.

What is it about your job at Scoot that you love so much?

JR: What motivates me the most is the tangible impact my role has on the company’s bottom line. There’s always a sense of achievement and fulfilment when flights depart full – and whenever we look at the profit figures at the end of each month 😊. Besides that, many of us are avid travellers and we understand what consumers look out for when booking air tickets. That’s how we can look at the situation from both perspectives as the airline and the consumer.

We are usually given a fair bit of autonomy in our own course of work as our bosses have faith and trust in us.

The workplace environment is fun and energetic (we have a very young team), and colleagues are friendly and approachable. We have a rather open culture, and there’s no formal attire required for work – you can turn up in shorts and slippers! Oh, and not forgetting the discounted staff travel! It is not surprising to see fellow colleagues travelling very frequently.

Any unique experiences while at Scoot?

JR: As Scoot is still a relatively young airline, we are constantly growing and expanding to new destinations. Being in the Revenue Management role, we are integral to the start-up / launch of new destinations (think of the fares!).

Every new destination’s inaugural flight will be celebrated with a special event; this is not something you get to experience often in other airlines!

Besides, it’s always special and satisfying to be in-charge of a new destination as you watch it grow from zero to profitability. It’s like watching a baby grow; I have personally watched 4 “babies” grow in the past few years.

Any words of advice to those looking to pursue a career in this field?

JR: This is a rather dynamic industry where conditions can change quite rapidly. However, if you are looking for an exciting and challenging career, don’t be afraid to give this a try – especially if you are keen on the aviation/airline industry. Being in this role will expose you to different aspects of the airline’s commercial operations and cross collaborations between various departments!

Who knew revenue management could sound so cool – and exciting? But don’t jump the gun just yet – up next is our interview with Beng Leng, who works with the Partnerships and Interline department. If you’re wondering what this department’s all about, read on!

How did you end up as a Senior Analyst for Partnerships & Interline at Scoot?

BL: Working for an airline has always been my dream. My passion has grown more since my first job with another airline under their Network and Schedule Planning department. I would say taking up this position as Senior Analyst for Partnerships & Interline at Scoot has been a new voyage for me to explore more of the airline industry.

How does Partnerships & Interline contribute to the company’s operations?

BL: Partnerships & Interline is like an enzyme stimulating the continued growth of the Scoot network. As each airline has its own set of destinations/network, target markets, fleet sizes and aircraft types, interline agreements allow airlines to partner via connecting flights on each other’s networks and resources to allow passengers to connect onto more destinations globally. This contributes to the airline’s sales revenue. 

Could you share what is your role and how does a typical day look like?

BL: We are key players between Scoot and our airline partners to analyse potential partnerships and to kick-start and negotiate agreement requirements. One of the most challenging tasks is finding a balance for all partners, to offer attractive products, inflight services and fare price, etc.  Internally, we are the coordinator between the departments working together to ensure the successful implementation of the interline. This includes system set-up for interline check-in, through check baggage, and many more. We also troubleshoot interline booking issues on a daily basis.

Do you have to travel for work and where have you been?

BL: Yes, travelling is an advantage of being an employee of an airline, be it for work or for leisure travel (discounted staff tickets!). I have been “Scootin” to Taiwan, Bangkok, Kuching and Penang for food hunting and sightseeing. Berlin, Honolulu, Harbin and many more exciting destinations are on my bucket list as well!  

What is it about your job at Scoot that you love so much?

BL: Open-mindedness and autonomy in my work. At Scoot, we welcome new ideas and you will be given independent space in conducting your own work.  

What are some words you would use to describe the community/environment at Scoot?

BL: Young and fun people.

Do you have any unique or unforgettable experiences working at Scoot?

BL: I was lucky enough to be selected to participate in the first Scoot Ambassador event at Kuala Lumpur, even though I was new blood at Scoot, with colleagues from Cabin Services, Sales, Marketing and Finance. It was an unforgettable experience for me, as someone who does not have background in Marketing, to be able to join in for a marketing event to help promote the Scoot brand and product using 3D visual technology for the crowd, as well as leading them in some games for lucky draws.  

Any words of advice to those looking to pursue a career in this field?

BL: I believe passion will lead you to strive forward in your career as well as your personal life.

Wise words from Scoot’s veterans. Envious of how much they love their jobs? You can too – take advantage of the unicorn season and check out Scoot’s open opportunities today! Take the leap and explore a career in aviation with Scoot – you might just look back on this, years down the road, and thank yourself for it.

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