Why You Should Send A Thank You Letter After An Interview


It’s been a week after that crucial job interview and you are eagerly waiting for a response. You’re bouncing between 1. emailing the HR and probably coming off as desperate and 2. waiting for a reply but coming off as nonchalant. If you find this scene familiar, don’t panic. This is very commonplace and has probably happened to all of us at least once. That is why we at Glints felt sufficient attention needed to be given for post interviews as much as pre and during interviews. Here are our thoughts:


Offer something that wasn’t discussed during the interview

A simple “Thank you” won’t do, even if it is a thank you letter after an interview! Explain the reasons your contribution will be beneficial to the companies, especially those that have not been discussed in great detail during the interview.

Example: “… I really enjoyed our conversation about the open HR position at [this company]. I felt excited at the thought that this position was similar [in some aspect] to my previous position at [previous company]. I had no doubt that I would be able to make full use of my experience there to contribute to [this company’s] HR achievements.”


Remind them who you are

Interviewers go through multiple rounds of interviews a day. If you did not strike the best impression in their eyes, chances are that you need to remind them, to stand out from the rest. Remind them of the actual interview that took place and let them know you appreciate their effort to make it a pleasant experience. You can also mention a topic discussed during the interview and explain why it is beneficial to you.

Example: “… I really enjoyed our conversation about how working at [this company] can tap on the experience and knowledge I have built up working at [my previous internship/job]. Thank you for taking the time to delve into my internship/job experience history and discussing it with me. I found the interview very pleasant – thank you for making me feel comfortable throughout the interview.

If the interviewee has given you a promise regarding the timing for a reply, remind him or her of that. His/her professionalism will prompt him/her to reply to you within that specified timeframe.

Example: “… I really look forward to reading your reply in two weeks, as we have agreed on.”


Choose the right timing for the thank you letter

“The best timeframe to send a thank you email is within 24 hours after your interview, and it should be during office hours.” – Whitney Purcell

You do not want to send your thank you letter at 11 pm of the same day, as your recruiter has likely been having interviews after yours and he/she will most probably be too tired to remember you. Similarly, you do not want to send it at 4 am as your recruiter’s inbox will most probably be stacked with other emails the moment he or she goes to the office to open the inbox.

Send the email during office hours to make sure it gets open almost immediately. Send it within 24 hours of your actual interview to make sure your recruiter’s memory of the interview is fresh enough to allow him/her to recall who you are.


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