Why a resume objective summary is important, and how to write one based on your industry

Ah, resumes. The bread and butter of a job-seeker’s life. It’s the piece of paper (or two, if you’re more experienced) that will aid you in the job search in Singapore and land you that gig you’ve been eyeing. By now, you know all about needing to optimise your resume with keywords to get noticed by senpai. But let’s zoom in a little bit more and talk about your resume objective.

“What? It’s just a sentence about what you’re looking for, right?” Well, no. It’s more than that, and if you thought of that question, then you’ve got one more thing to work on now. Let’s dive in!

How important can a resume objective possibly be? You’re playing us, right?

Not even close! A resume objective is arguably one of the most important elements of your resume.

Think about it this way: when you read a news article or any kind of content online, what’s the first thing you lay your eyes on? The amazing, well-written content? No! You’d look first at the article’s headline to see what it’s all about, and why people have been sharing the same thing over and over again on your Facebook timeline.

It’s the same old story when you take a peek into your email inbox. You don’t click emails blindly – you skim through and read their subject lines first before being drawn in. (This is also why marketers everywhere are dying to create the best subject lines for better open rates. But that’s a story for another day.)

Similarly, your resume objective serves as the headline or subject line of your resume. When application tracking systems finally detect the keywords and relevance in your application and bring you on the radar, hiring managers are going to look at your resume first. And you can bet one of the first few things they look at will be your – you guessed it – resume objective.

OK, OK. You’ve made your point. What’s a good resume objective, then?

Simply put, a resume objective that works is one that highlights your best skills, tells people exactly who you are, and what your lofty career goal is. You can even afford to get a little philosophical about things (but please, don’t be pretentious). Lastly, you can bring up stuff about the places you’ve been and the new, ideal workplace you’re gunning for.

It goes without saying that you need to tailor your resume objective based on the job you’re applying for – but we’ll get to that later.

Here’s a quick template for a typical resume objective, usually 1-3 sentences long.

I am a <industry> professional with <years of experience> in <key skill 1>, <key skill 2>, and <key skill 3>. Driven by passion/interest, I have worked in a variety of environments, from startups to SMEs such as <example> and <example>. I am presently seeking employment in MNCs and SMEs, determined to contribute with my skills in <specific area of expertise>.

That wasn’t so bad, was it? In just a single glance, an employer or hiring manager can tell right away what to expect in the rest of your resume. They know the rough details of your past work experience, your best skills, and the kind of work environment or job scope you’re looking for.

Resume objective samples for tech, business development, and marketing

Here are some starter templates for those of you in tech, BD, or marketing. Don’t say we never give you good things. 😉

  1. Software developer resume objective

I’m an experienced software developer who specialises in Python, Ruby, and C++. Currently seeking employment in the startup space, I’ve worked on countless applications on platforms like Twitter, GitHub, and more, and remain driven by my passion for creating things that are useful for everyone around me.

  1. Business development executive resume objective

I have been in the business development field for the past three years, with rich experience working with SMEs and MNCs. My passion lies in the innovative tech industry, and I’m currently seeking job opportunities that allow me to pursue my interest in the latest tech trends and market while honing my skills in pitching, proposal writing, and client relationship management (CRM).

  1. Digital marketing resume objective

I’m a digital marketing professional with key expertise in creating and managing email newsletter campaigns, social media advertising, copywriting, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Over the last two years, I’ve worked with businesses and startups such as Company ABC on exciting digital marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I’m currently interested in opportunities in any industry.

Resume objective samples for candidates with zero experience

No, we haven’t forgotten about you newbies. Rest assured: even without rich work experience, you can still write a great resume objective in preparation for your first job search. Baby steps! Here’s a sample:

I’m an undergraduate from Singapore Management University, with rich extra-curricular involvement in my school’s tech and innovation club as its president. Past projects include collaborating on an automated Twitter bot and more, listed below. Having pursued a degree in computer science, I am eager to begin my career in the startup or SME space as a software developer, and eagerly seek similar opportunities.

Now that you know how to craft an awesome resume objective, it’s time to work on your own as you apply for more jobs. Good luck!

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