Think Twice Before Posting Selfies on Facebook


When it comes to the dos and dont’s of social media management, we’ve all heard plenty. Today, I want to bring up one of the don’ts which doesn’t so often get heard – posting selfies. Did you know that posting selfies online can hurt your career and job applications?

No, I’m not suggesting posting selfies where you get drunk, have “too much” fun, or get involved in activities that are unpopular with some. Because DUH! Everyone knows that. Today, I’m talking about taking your every day selfies and how doing so excessively, can hurt your reputation.


Some psychology behind selfies

“Preoccupation with selfies can be a visible indicator of a young person with a lack of confidence or sense of self that might make him or her a victim of other problems as well.”

Dr. Pamela Rutledge, on Psychology Today.

Low self-esteem, low self-awareness, low confidence, attention seeking and approval seeking. These are some of the issues psychologists have identified with those posting selfies on social media excessively. Whether you believe these studies or not is besides the question. The point is that your boss or prospective employer may have bought into them and thus, we advise you to rethink posting that selfie.


What recruiters think

25% of recruiters reported to having a negative perception of selfies.

According to a new survey by Jobvite.

Whether you’re applying for your first job or looking to level up your existing career, knowing what recruiters look for or condemn is crucial. The data above should have done enough talking.



NEVER Use A Selfie For Your CV

This sounds strange to most of us, but there are some who consider it being alright. Let’s make it clear once and for all – It is not. It’s fair that you want to show energy and enthusiasm, especially because that is important for that industry and role you applied for. We understand that. But there are other ways to show that, while remaining professional at the same time. For example, dressing professionally with an appropriate background setting or with relevant equipment. Professional photos is surely the safer option. Play it safe.


Some of you may argue that selfies can be a way to prove and show experiences that may help you stand out among others. Selfies with elements of travelling or volunteering for example. While it is so, it is still easy for a selfie to appear narcissistic or disrespectful. We would much rather you play it safe at the moment. What then should you share on your social media platforms? Here’s an idea.


Share value driven and “YOU” content

Some sites advise you to share content where of your volunteering experiences, social engagement work and past internship experiences. While that is generally good advice, I try not to give that advice for fear of people coming off as “fake”. Instead of posting content focusing on others and what they expect of you, I’d much rather you share who you truly are. Through your images, share the values and causes that you believe in. Share what makes you who you are and when applied consistently over a period of time, others will identify that with you.




Social Media Etiquette: When are Selfies Appropriate?


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