Pitch Perfect: 4 Life Lessons On University


Even though I’m not a fan of the Pitch Perfect franchise, I have to come forward and admit that the movie does have its high points. Pitch Perfect’s real strength — besides Rebel Wilson and the a cappella groups’ knack for reinventing catchy tunes — lies in the Barten Bellas’ friendship. Even though the movie has a flawed depiction of university life, you can’t deny the fact that it’s peppered with important life lessons.

It’s Okay To Have An Awful Roommate


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Like every college freshman, Beca has a lot of things on her plate: competing in a cappella competitions, participating in an internship and bunking with her surly roommate. Mean and racist, it goes without saying that Kimmy Jin is one of the worst people you’ll ever meet.

Despite Kimmy’s shortcomings, Beca takes everything in stride and even refers to her as a friend. Other than the fact that Beca deserves a medal for her tolerance, this shows a pivotal point about university life: an awful roommate is not the end of the world. On another note, if you’d like to break the ice with your new roommate, we’ve got you covered.

Things Only Happen When You Step Out From Your Comfort Zone


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This reaffirms my belief that change will only come to those who have no fear — did anyone recognise this subtle reference to True Detective? Had it not been for Beca’s intervention, the Bellas would still be stuck in performing the same old boring medley. After a couple of burps along the way, the group decides to adopt Beca’s musical style, and the rest as they say, is history.

Never settle. When things get too comfortable, you know you’re not moving up. Be fearless and don’t be too afraid of stepping out from your comfort zone. To borrow a quote from my second favourite Golden Girl, “The bottom line is, if you take a chance in life, sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad things happen. But honey, if you don’t take a chance, nothing happens.”

Be The Best Version Of Yourself


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You know that cliché quote by Oscar Wilde, about how you should be yourself because everyone else is already taken? Well, it’s cliché for a reason — it speaks the truth. It’s never easy fitting in. We let our self-consciousness get the best of us and overly worry about other people’s opinion. And, what for?

In Pitch Perfect, we don’t see the Bellas succumbing to peer pressure and pretending to be something they’re not. Each of them brings a unique set of talent and identity to the group. It’s not hard to understand why they are such good pals, as they complement each other very well.

Never Let Anyone Bring You Down


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Patricia ‘Fat Amy’ knows she’s not beautiful by society standards. Remember her classic response when Aubrey asks about her name choice? It’s priceless. Instead of letting the unrealistic beauty ideals crush her, she chooses to embrace who she is. She’s self-deprecating, yet confident at the same time. To put it simply, she’s totally crushing it.

There’s a great quote floating around Pinterest, and it goes like this: don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle. It’s ridiculously easy to get affected by people who excoriate our performance. But here’s the thing, who are they to judge? We can’t please everyone, so we might as well focus on doing our best. If you do this, you’re off to a good start. 


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