A guide to navigating career fairs if you live in Singapore

One of the perks of being a university student is that your school will always prepare you for what lies beyond graduation day: REAL LIFE WORK AND #ADULTING. If you’re currently enrolled at a local university, from NUS to SMU, you’re likely aware of the existence of career fairs in Singapore.

Every year, career fairs are held across Singapore and often offer young individuals a glimpse into what awaits them in the working world. These events are large meeting spaces, often filled with companies and employers looking for their next recruit – and that could be you!

Career fairs seem like a straightforward affair, but we believe that there are things you should do in preparation for them. This is especially important if you’re hoping for a job right after graduation.

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Most career fairs demand a certain dress code for all attendees. Be sure to check out your school’s webpage for that kind of information, if not you’re going to be super malu in your shorts and slippers! Career fairs may not promise you serious, on the spot interviews, but they still retain a certain level of professionalism that’s required of you once you begin working.

This career fair webpage from SMU offers students information on the dress code for last year’s fair. Other universities are bound to do the same. It’s important to keep a lookout for this – you never know, you might be meeting your future employer that day!



Knowing which companies are going to be at your school’s career fair will prove to be a great advantage. Making use of floorplans provided will help you to quickly navigate the fair on the day itself. One such example is the floorplan provided by SIM for its students for last year’s career fair. NTU’s career fair (happening just next month) even has an app to go along with the event! Pretty handy!

To maximise your time at the fair, you should endeavour to search up attending companies and do your homework before the fair itself. It’s important to know just who you’re talking to, so you can ask direct and focused questions. This will prove both beneficial to you and to your potential employer; company representatives may end up genuinely impressed with you and your sincere interest in their organisation.


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If you have a rough idea of what you want your career to be like, you should then make use of the information provided by your school and prioritise which employers you meet first at career fairs in Singapore.

This is so that you’re able to make full use of your time and approach companies you have a great interest in first, before looking around other booths and taking your time to explore. Try to do this if you’re heading there around lunch time – crowds tend to show up in full force in the middle of the day before trickling away late into the afternoon.


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Much like networking events, you should come prepared with your CV and a quick, professional introduction at career fairs in Singapore. Offer company representatives your CV and tell them who you are and what you’re looking for in a career.

Bring more than one copy of your CV, of course, since you’re bound to be interested in more than one company there. Bear in mind that there will likely be many other students waiting for their turn to speak to these people and try not to take up too much of their time and remain polite throughout your conversations. You are, after all, representing your university at career fairs in Singapore!



Finally, TAKE NOTES. Bring a tiny notepad around with you if you must, especially if you intend to ask about the hiring process and your next steps with company recruiters!

Write down names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of other company staff you can contact at a later date. Take note of different companies’ hiring periods as well and remain vigilant as you collect information – you don’t want to miss anything crucial in your job search!

Collect business cards as well, since they offer a lot of contact information you can use in the future, whether it’s asking for a job or simply sending them a thank you note for coming down to the career fair.

At the end of the day, you’re going to want to feel like you’ve made full use of career fairs. It’s not every day you get to meet with recruiters and company representatives from firms and organisations and talk with them; make sure you come prepared and be mindful of yourself and of others. Don’t let your next opportunity slip from you just because you weren’t steadfast enough!

Last but not least, remember to have fun! Career fairs in Singapore happen every year – so keep your eyes peeled.

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