MyRepublic’s digital marketing guru shares her top 3 strategies for maximising conversions and ROI

Ever wanted to learn about digital marketing from an experienced professional? We recently had a quick conversation with MyRepublic’s very own digital marketing guru and social media specialist, Donna Louisse. She dropped more than a couple of nuggets of wisdom, especially for those looking to start a career in digital marketing – so read on!

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In digital marketing, people are always pursuing high conversion rates, huge reach, and ROI. In your experience, what are 3-4 top strategies you (and your team) use at MyRepublic to meet these KPIs?

To me, it’s all about getting your basics right so your work doesn’t end up being #basic.

Set your goals and keep them in mind every step of the way. It’s a simple premise, but often forgotten in the rush to get things done!

Be S.M.A.R.T with your goal setting. I like the SMART method as it’s covers all your bases! When planning your campaign, ensure your goals are:

  1. Specific: Clear and well-defined objectives are a must!
  2. Measurable: Start with the end in mind, and always track your progress.
  3. Agreed Upon: Your team, your boss, your boss’ boss a.k.a all relevant parties need to be onboard with the plan.
  4. Realistic: Always assess company resources and your bandwidth.
  5. Time-Bound: Deadlines – can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.

Experiment and be engaging. Don’t be afraid to propose and try out new copy or content formats – your audience can surprise you!

What are 3 things you wished you knew before starting your career in social media/digital marketing?

Data analytics will be massively important in your work. I used to think social media was only about needing creativity and strong writing skills. Boy, did I miss the mark there. Having the tools and competency to analyze the performance of your campaign is equally important to the continuous generation of awesome content!

Be proactive and take the initiative! In the past, I felt that my role was simply to follow what my higher-ups were saying, add a sprinkle of my own pizzaz and hit that publish button. Now I’ve learned that it’s better to be collaborative in content creation and to weigh in with your own insights and suggestions when it comes to post-campaign reporting.  

Don’t let negative comments get to you. There were times where I would take the occasional angry, splattered-with-expletives comment very personally, thinking “Hey BRO, that was out of my control – why are you blaming me?”.

I finally realised that rather than obsessing over what I couldn’t control (eg. the existence of the comment, the customers’ previous experience, the irritating fact that they used your instead of you’re etc), I should instead focus on what I could do –  apologise, assist where I can and ensure that the customer experience I can provide is pleasant.

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What do you think are the most common challenges a newbie digital marketer will face, and how can they work around it?

I think there are many aspects to social media that can be challenging based on your own strengths and weakness. When I started out, copywriting and content creation was fun and manageable, especially as an avid daydreamer. Coming up with unique, wacky ideas? My specialty! What was not so fun was the data analytics portion. Learning about the art (and science) of metrics was a struggle for my math-fearing brain to grasp.

To overcome this, I was lucky enough to have great mentors I could consult for advice. If that wasn’t an option, I’ve found it extremely useful to subscribe to weekly newsletters and read articles from marketing blogs like Sprout and Buffer. It really helped me to understand the meaning behind the metrics for better performance analysis and future campaign strategizing.

Do you have any advice for the little Padawans out there who want to venture into digital marketing?

Remember, young grasshopper – keep the outcome in mind, but focus on the process! This means analysing your past work, reading up on new trends, keeping up with algorithm changes and so on. Also, it doesn’t hurt find other social media padawans (befriend a few Jedi Knights and Masters while you’re at it too) to learn from and commiserate with. 😉

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