Nothing to do during your morning commute? How to be active on the LinkedIn app for 15 minutes

So, you’re already on the LinkedIn app. You’ve made your mark by having created a stellar profile with our tips. What’s next? You need to be continually active on LinkedIn as part of the ongoing journey of personal branding. That’s something easy you can do on your way to work each morning.

While squeezing on the MRT with fellow passengers and hoping that the train doesn’t break down, you can spend 15 minutes in total each week to be active on the LinkedIn app. Let’s take a look at three tips to boost your resources, relationships and reach on LinkedIn, respectively. It only takes five minutes to practise each tip, and you can just practise each of them on one day per week.

1. Share Useful Resources With The LinkedIn App

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Keziah Quek sharing about co-living space Hmlet with Tech In Asia

Time taken: 5 minutes

First, you need two minutes to scan through your newsfeed on the LinkedIn app. Now, ‘like’ and share the most useful and interesting article you can find. It should be related to your area of expertise, something representative of yourself and what your professional network will appreciate.

Take the remaining three minutes to share the article with a quick note of reflection or key takeaways from the article. There you go! You’ve brought value to yourself and others. Sharing content that is helpful and trustworthy helps you to attract quality connections on the LinkedIn app. It also inspires others to contribute to expanding the pool of resources as well.

2. Build Meaningful Relationships On The LinkedIn App

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A conversation between 2 digital marketers Bob Low and Hazel Teng on LinkedIn

Time taken: 5 minutes

You are the company that you keep. You can ‘like’ and comment on posts of your most valued connections on LinkedIn. Endorse their skills and engage on their newsfeed. To maintain an intimately curated network of contacts, shortlist about fifteen to twenty of such contacts, and aim to privately message about one to three of them per week. The LinkedIn app lets you congratulate your connections for their work anniversaries or you can just send anyone a message to say hi. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when they respond with the same warmth and enthusiasm to your well wishes. Keep the conversation going by either discussing similar professional interests or even initiating a meet-up.  

3. Curate a Targeted Reach

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Digital Marketing LinkedIn Group

Time taken: 5 minutes

There is much you can do to keep your LinkedIn profile aligned with your current career goals, which in turn shape your personal branding objectives. Join LinkedIn groups in your field of interest to find out the latest trends and know how the top players are branding themselves. You can search for these groups while LinkedIn also offers recommended groups based on details in your profile. As for your news feed, do search for and follow pages related to specific skills and industries. You can also find related role model profiles on LinkedIn.

The quality of your LinkedIn profile determines your reach amongst recruiters and viewers of your profile in general. Take time to spot check for any typos, dead links and outdated contact details on your profile. Make sure those who wish to get in touch with you have access to either email or LinkedIn messaging.

If you have new career goals such as to attract new clients for your hustle or to establish yourself in a new area of expertise, make sure your profile is updated to reflect these goals. Keep tabs on how many views you are getting and if anyone has contacted you for a chat on your expertise. That is a good mark that your personal branding efforts have paid off. Since you’re already on board the world’s largest professional network, be active on the LinkedIn app to get its full value.

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