Middle Earth Freshman Orientation Camp

Essentially, this is what your Freshman Orientation Camp would consist of if it were to take place in Middle Earth.


1. The Bright-eyed Eager Freshman


Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest


These insatiably curious guys and girls are there to say “hi” to virtually everyone they stumble across, ask them what major they are in or planning to be in, and/or their Facebook accounts on the very first day of camp. They are also especially fond of the Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs), asking them in great detail about university life, which CCAs have the coolest kids, which modules to choose and how to bid for their modules.


2. The Reserved but Confident


Source: SideShow Collectors
Source: SideShow Collectors


These peeps probably won’t start a conversation first, but will warm up once you do and showcase a wonderful sense of self-confidence which can be quite attractive. Although they take some time to get comfortable around you and may seem gloomy at first, you can catch them in occasional joviality. These guys tend to become wonderful friends once you get to know them.


3. The Buddy


Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy


How lucky it is to talk to someone for the first time and you two click almost instantly! By the end of the camp you both will be inseparable. You basically starts a sentence and he finishes it. Nah, that was just for the cheese.


4. The Joker


Source: We Heart It
Source: We Heart It


What is Freshman Orientation Camp without these guys? These incorruptibly frivolous folks never fail to make your day with their non-stop clown acts and constantly fooling around. Big plus: they will be there to take on the most embarrassing camp acts.


5. The Skillful


Source: ScienceFiction.com
Source: ScienceFiction.com


Oh, these folks are pretty cool and seem nice. I should stick to them and maybe we can take the same modules…Wait, they already know how to build professional-looking websites and mobile apps? Are they really freshmen?


6. The Elf Among Mortals


Source: Wallpaper May
Source: Wallpaper May


They’re elegant, cute, calm, and peaceful to be around. Basically those little treasures, some kind of walking therapy that you’ll run to when the going gets tough. Things seem to lighten up when you’re spending time with them. If you stumble upon these guys and gals during the Freshman Orientation Camp, be sure to get hold of them!


7. The Wise And Often A Bit Queer


Source: Hollywood Hates Me
Source: Hollywood Hates Me


Finally, these guys will spice up your introduction to university life with their uniquely philosophical approaches to this great mystery of life as an adult.

Did you manage to find out which Middle Earth Freshman you’ll resemble the most? By the way, be sure to check out these awesome tips to survive your freshman year!








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