7 ways to market your professional skills on Instagram

To many, Instagram is a social networking platform for people to upload pictures of their café hopping escapades, travel adventures, or your daily #OOTD. However, the ‘gram can also go further as a platform for you to market your professional skills. Boasting statistics of about 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is the perfect place for you to market your skills because you never know whom you may connect with over the ‘gram. But just how do you market your skills on Instagram?

1. Use Instagram as your portfolio


As a photo and video sharing platform, Instagram can be a platform for those in the media industry to show off their portfolio. From graphic designers, photographers, actors, visual art designers to even writers, your Instagram account can serve as an extension of your portfolio. Besides that, the best thing about Instagram is that it’s a lot more interactive and engaging compared to a normal online portfolio. You could comment on the works of others in the similar field and vice versa, allowing you to build relationships and connections with those in the same industry.


2. Integrate your social profiles

To help people find you on social media for work-related matters, it is best to standardize your handles across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. This not only reflects that you are consistent and organized, it also helps you to develop your own personal branding! Additionally, people can search for you easily in search results, and reach out to you. This is especially important for freelancers who need to put their name out there.

3. Use hashtags, but not excessively

Instagram hashtags are useful….until you overdose on them. The reasons why you should add hashtags to your posts is simple. You want to reach out to a wider set of audience, connect with other people of similar interests or working in a similar field and market your professional skills from there. But don’t be abuse those hashtags as it could make you look like a newbie social media user or even worse, distract users from the main post. Use 3-4 short hashtags to play safe.

4. Quality, not quantity

We all have that one Instagram friend we follow way too many posts in one day. Don’t spam your followers’ feed with an excessive number of posts such that they find you a nuisance. Remember, less is more. By posting 1-2 pictures a day on Instagram, it also reflects that you are meticulous, careful and you thinking through every step you take – something that most employers are looking out for. Posting too many pictures would only make you seem impulsive and hasty, traits that you should not be too proud of, especially when you want to look professional.


5. Be authentic and be genuine

The last thing you want to avoid is to be appear as a cookie-cutter Instagram user. You want to try to make your Instagram posts authentic and genuine. It is okay to write about the challenges you face in your daily life, describe your setbacks and how you manage to overcome them. This will allow other professionals to know that you are capable of tackling difficulties in life and are proud of embracing them!

6. Be unique

Aside from being authentic and genuine, you may want to include a unique bio to hook your audience. It could be a one or two liner, describing to others what makes you different from the rest. By writing a personalized bio, you would appear personable and approachable, which would also allow you to help build relationships with other Instagram users.


7. You are who you follow

Don’t underestimate the number and types of people you follow. The users you follow could paint a rather accurate reflection of your own personality and character. Follow people who are like-minded or have similar interests to you. Here are also
several inspirational Instagram accounts that you can start following today to get the ball rolling.

Not many people know this, but Instagram is not only a personal photo/video platform. As a service used by millions from all over the world, it could also be a place where you could market your professional skills and get in touch with other professionals in similar job industries. Step up your Instagram game with our tips above!    

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