The LinkedIN job search guide for millennials in Singapore

LinkedIn brings all that you need under one roof, be it networking, job searching, maintaining a professional digital presence or staying up-to-date with career news. Singapore-based millennials can tap on this career development portal for opportunities at home or abroad! Companies ranging from private, public and nonprofits are on the bandwagon to get the best hires. Here are four steps to find your ideal job on LinkedIn.

1. Create a Kickass LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is your best friend for online personal branding professionally. You’ll need:

  • A suitable profile pic
  • An informative headline
  • A powerfully succinct summary of what you do
  • Kickass media links to your resume and portfolio
  • Endorsements from friends (LinkedIn connections) for your superb skills

Let’s take a look at four LinkedIn Power Profiles of 2017 (Val Ji-Hsuan Yap, Neal Cross, John Chen and Jessica Choi) to learn from the best!

Depending on your industry, put up your best face for your profile photo. It should be a shot of yourself professionally taken. Make sure you have a succinct and memorable headline to tell the world what you do — just like what LinkedIn Power Profile John Chen has here!

Your LinkedIn profile should read like a resume, though it’s best to treat it like a portfolio. You get to upload media links to pages such as your key projects or your best works, whether they are links to pages or videos, as shown by LinkedIn Power Profile Jessica Choi.


As a digital networking platform, LinkedIn allows you to create posts to be visible on the feeds of your followers. You get to craft your professional summary to give the gist of what you do to prospective employers.

If you’re using LinkedIn effectively, your network would be updated on what you’re up to, just like on Facebook!

Your LinkedIn profile also works like a traditional hard copy resume taken online and no longer restrained by the number of pages you need to stop at. However, it’s important to prioritise what you want employers to see. This is handy when you are changing sectors or job scopes!

When listing your working experience, you can choose to firstly include an opener on the nature of the company, before showing your key contributions and achievements. Prospective employers love to see this — your quantifiable results for previous roles!

As with a traditional resume, and even better, you get the space here to elaborate on your volunteer experiences, academic achievements and causes of concern to show yourself as an all-rounder.

2. Expand your network for exposure and recommendations

After you have a created a swanky profile for yourself, be sure to get endorsements from your friends, co-workers and work associates. Add them as connections on LinkedIn so you can endorse each others’ kickass skills! They can also write Recommendations for you, which works like a report card. Besides showing support for your co-workers and former classmates, you can write a note of feedback for your superiors and mentors.

Connections refer to the contacts you have added mutually on LinkedIn, as it works like adding Friends on Facebook. Building your network, or friends, or connections on LinkedIn is crucial to making the most out of the portal and your professional circles 🙂 You can stay updated on each others’ career progress, send birthday greetings and well wishes on a new role or a work anniversary.

3. Find jobs meant for you and let yourself be seen by recruiters


Here’s the magic button, look for the Jobs tab on LinkedIn! You will see an automatically generated listings of jobs you may be interested in as well as be able to see jobs with connections. The generated listings are based on the profile which you have input, especially in terms of your Featured Skills & Endorsements. This section of your profile is a curation of your speciality skill sets, and your contacts or connections get to endorse you for efficiency in the skill sets listed.


At no costs, LinkedIn also lets you put yourself on a portal for recruiters to get to know you. A good way to catch recruiters’ attention on LinkedIn is to indicate your preferences under the Career Interests section where recruiters can then get to know that you are indeed on a lookout for a certain type of jobs.

4. Boost your job applications in a breeze

When you are applying to jobs from the LinkedIn portal, you should be able to use the EasyApply function for most job listings. Still, some job applications are directed to external application portals or the company website itself for further instructions. If you are applying to a company that a LinkedIn connection of yours has worked for or is currently with, you can opt for a referral and recommendation via LinkedIn.

Since the process is breezy, you don’t have an excuse to skip writing cover letters to go with your applications! Well written cover letters show your understanding of the role, effort and sincerity.

What’s more? Many major companies have direct links to LinkedIn on their job application page, so they can port your data over from your existing LinkedIn profile, making it as easy as 123 to apply to these companies. It takes only a few seconds to apply for these jobs as a result! LinkedIn is also available as a mobile app.

As you’re applying for jobs, you can use your LinkedIn feed to follow the pages of companies you’re keen on. Respond and engage with these companies’ posts meaningfully to increase your chances of getting hired.

There are Interest groups and pages with regards to regional positions or vacancies in particular sectors. You can search for these networks on LinkedIn and join them too. You never know when you’ll spot an opportunity with such accessible and amazing networks. Good luck!

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