Which job portal in Singapore should millennials use? Here’s our top 6

In the pursuit of their next job, millennial Singaporeans may at times find the job search difficult amid a competitive market. From LinkedIn to InternSG, many platforms and job portals have risen over the years to cater to job seekers and employers. So which job portal in Singapore should we be using? Does this mean we’re all spoiled for choice?

Not really.

In December 2016, it was reported that the number of job seekers far outweigh vacancies across various industries. Companies are also constantly on the lookout for candidates with qualifications and relevant experience, making it hard for millennials to get a foot in the door. So just how do you get ahead of the competition and get yourself hired?

By using more than one job portal in Singapore (and beyond), of course!

1. LinkedIn

linkedin job portal in singapore

What: The Facebook of the working world with more functions than you think. It’s one of the hottest job portals for millennials today. Companies and employers have taken to using LinkedIn as an advertising platform to recruit their next star employee and often put up many job postings.

How: Head straight to the jobs tab and start searching! For a more in depth guide on how to use LinkedIn to search for jobs, check out this article. An important thing to note is that you’re able to discover the number of applicants for any job posting; the more candidates there are, the slimmer your chances of being called in for an interview.

Perks: LinkedIn’s social features allow you to view other profiles while job-hunting. Make sure to take a peek to gain some insight about who you might one day work with. It’s also useful to take stock of their skill sets and learn a bit more about what makes someone a good fit for specific companies.

Premium: Your application will be bounced to the front of the queue (goodbye non-premium users!) and you’ll be able to access data and see how you match up against other applicants.

2. Tech in Asia

tech in asia job portal in singapore

What: TIA is a job portal and magazine dedicated to “connecting Asia’s startup ecosystem.” Expect to find all the tech jobs you love and more. If you’re a techie and you’re looking for a dedicated job portal that will only show you relevant postings, give TIA a shot.

How: Using the portal is fairly straightforward, whether you’re a job-seeker or an employer. Tech In Asia’s navigational bar is at the top of the page. If you’re job-hunting, you’ll want to click on ‘Jobs’ or ‘Companies’ to get started.

Perks: You’ll be able to look at salary ranges and benefits for most job postings on TIA. The platform is backed by a system that allows you to check on application statuses easily so you don’t chew your nails off while waiting for a response.

3. Glassdoorglassdoor job portal in singapore

What: As its name suggests, Glassdoor is a platform that allows you to look into different companies by reading reviews and checking CEO ratings. It also functions as a job portal in Singapore, so click away.

How: Anonymous employee reviews can be easily accessed on any company’s Glassdoor page. If you’re looking for genuine insights and information about a certain company’s work culture or management, this is the place. These shared experiences can make a difference to job-seekers and help them make the right decisions.

Perks: Companies are rated against a 5-star system, which you can filter to show companies with a certain rating only! Other useful information you can find: average salaries and what employees think of their CEOs! Try using Glassdoor in partnership with another job portal to maximise your research.

Here’s Facebook’s Glassdoor page; check out Mark Zuckerberg’s stunning CEO rating!

4. Indeed

indeed job portal in singapore

What: Indeed is a portal that compiles job postings from other platforms and centralises these listings for nervous job-seekers like yourself. Say goodbye to hundreds of tabs open on your browser!

How: It’s not as cutting-edge as other job portals mentioned in this article, but you have the option of subscribing to regular email updates whenever new jobs and positions open up – according to your preferences.

Perks: You don’t have to waste time figuring out which tab is which. You also won’t ever lose track of that one job listing you really liked. Focus your job search on one platform, even if the user interface isn’t stunningly beautiful.

5. JobsDB

jobsdb job portal in singapore

What: JobsDB is something like Indeed with an added regional outreach. Expect to find jobs from across the region here, including China and Indonesia. JobsDB updates its listings in real-time, so you won’t ever miss a thing.

How: Get started on searching right away when you hit the landing page. Enter in your dream profession with useful keywords and tell JobsDB where you’re situated. And that’s it – you’re on your way to finding your next job opportunity.

Perks: Everything is completely free!

6. Glints

glints job portal in singapore

The last obvious choice for a job portal in Singapore would be… US!

What: As a leading technology and start-up job portal in Singapore (aside from involvement in other sectors as well), Glints specialises in providing millennials with the opportunity to take on exciting internships and entry-level positions.

How: Efficiency is key. Our job listings are highly curated – so you won’t be duped into an MLM company. Just head on over to our job portal and begin the search for your dream job today. We have useful filters that will bring you to the positions you really want.

Perks: Every job posting is clear, concise, and detailed – you know exactly what you’re going to learn. And that’s really the appeal for most millennials, since we’re here to find a job that will give us as much experience as we’re looking for and a launchpad to advance to the next level. We feature a huge amount of job listings from business development to software engineering, so what are you waiting for?

Keep up the proactivity in your job search! The hunt might turn up dry for a while, but we believe that every little benefit counts. So make full use of every job portal in Singapore! There is no use relying on old job websites and portals if they don’t engage you and your employer.

Being millennials, we’ve got lots of expectations to live up to. We’ll soon make up a majority of the workforce across the world. If these job portals can make the job search easier and send you on your way to greatness, why not?

Click here to get started on your job search and find the career of your dreams.

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