How your internship helps career planning

Ever wonder where your internship is leading you? Not sure if it’s relevant to your job hunting after graduation?

You’re not alone. Check out these tips for a more fruitful internship experience while making sure you have a solid foundation for your job after graduation.

Source: Graduate Land
Source: Graduate Land


1. Consider getting full-time employment with the same company after graduation

If you are satisfied with the job and if your supervisor is satisfied with your performance, consider asking for a full-time opportunity after you graduate. Be sure you have done thorough research on the company culture and possible career advancement pathways though.


2. Expand the scope of your job research

The stages of career planning are identified as self-assessment, career exploration, finding matches and taking action, according to an article on About Careers. Internships are essential in the first three steps and can greatly assist you in finding the right job.

Source: Henry County Public School
Source: Henry County Public School

Your internship provides exposure to a wide range of new job possibilities in the industry. For example, you may be tasked to do research on potential competitors, clients or partners for your company. In other cases, you may have to secure deals, produce a commercial software or manage a promotional campaign. Whatever your role, it gives you insights into how the trade is done, and what your daily routines will be like should you take up that job full-time. Reflect on that to decide if the nature of the job is what fits your interest and personality, or if it is not meant to be.


3. Ready yourself for a full-time employment

Familiarize yourself with the different aspects of a full-time job: responsibilities, possibility of working overtime, company culture, etc. One important aspect of career planning involves selection of positions that you want to do instead of applying to the position just for the sake of it. If you’re already struggling during your internship, think about what changes it makes to your career planning process.


4. Network

Networking is an excellent way to explore your career options, clear doubts on your career planning process and gain valuable industry insights and experience. Establishing connections with your coworkers and supervisor makes it easier and more natural for them to answer your questions on job opportunities in the industry. You can even try asking for their opinions on which job suits your personality if they know you well enough. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for contacts in the industry.


5. Update your resume and online portfolio

Last but not least, never let your awesome internships go to waste! Make them represent your industry experience in your resume and online portfolio, which will come in very handy for your official job application in the future.

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