In Poly? Why YOU Need An Internship

If you are not planning on furthering your studies right after graduating from your respective polytechnics, getting yourself an internship during your schooling period would be a wise move. Even though the entire application process of you doing up a resume, sending it to the company and finally showing up for multiple interviews may seem like a drag, it is worth the whole hassle.

Still not convinced? At Glints we look into why as a polytechnic student, you should sign yourself up for an internship.

1) You’ll develop skills



Skills like teamwork, delegation of tasks, communication and sales are some skills required to be a top intern – And you might have learned them all from your textbooks in your polytechnic course, but have you actually applied them to real-life working situations? Probably not.  In many professional work settings, such skills are crucial, so honing them during an internship will be of immense help to you when you finally step into the working world.

Other than honing your existing skills, you might be able to pick up new skills during the course of your internship. An internship allows you to step out of your comfort zone if you’re up for it. Not to mention you might be asked to take on tasks which full-timers are responsible for. In this way, you get exposed to new skills and might even get a full-timer to mentor you!

2) Employers will prefer to hire you



If you were the hiring manager, who will you pick? Someone who has working experience or someone without one? I would definitely pick someone who has had exposure in the industry before. This is because it will be easier for someone experienced to jump straight into work right after being hired. Not only will this be time-efficient, it will also be extremely cost efficient – the company does not have to spend a sizeable amount of money on training new staff from scratch.

Other than preferring to hire you in comparison to your peers who lack working experience, hiring managers might also offer you full-time positions at the company following the course of your internship. Score!

3) You’ll grow your network

networking (1)


The importance of knowing how to give great first impressions when you meet people and building your professional network can never be overstated enough. Everyone you meet and exchange contacts with throughout the duration of your internship could be potentially useful to you. Other than giving you advice, they might even turn out to be suitable business partners. Networking is an art by itself, but the more you network the better you get at it. An internship is the perfect occasion for you to meet more people and expand your connections.

4) You’ll gain confidence



Are you afraid of talking to people and fearful of what the working world holds for you? An internship is somewhat like a stepping stone for you; you can even call it potty training if you want. Through developing your skill sets and connecting with more people, you’ll become more self-assured and confident of yourself.

When you gain confidence, you’ll find that it becomes even easier to get more things done and improve on yourself. It’s a positive and happy cycle!

5) You’ll build important work ethics



In the corporate world, there are no lecturers who would hold your hand and spoon-feed you with the exact requirements for work submissions. There are no caring professors who would cut down on your workload simply because you have too much on your plate. When you’re out in the working world, you’ll be treated like an adult. You need to ensure that all your work is submitted on time while making sure that it is of good quality, without reminders from your bosses.

An internship exposes you to the reality of the corporate world and shows you a different perspective than from your days in Polytechnic.

6) You’ll have fun



Other than all that benefits listed above, most importantly, you’ll have fun in your internship if you know how to make the most of it. Don’t worry about not being able to fit in or not being able to make any friends as nearly all interns will be around your age. Plus it will be fun getting to know and hanging out with your colleagues after work.

That concludes our take on reasons why a polytechnic student like yourself should consider getting an internship soon. And what better way is there to start searching for internships other than Glints?



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