Hottest Skills Employers Would Die to Hire You For

Well, perhaps the title is a bit of a melodrama, but hey! We’re super serious about the hottest skills in the market so far. First, a bit of overview – technology is advancing at a breakneck pace, so job seekers (ahem, you) need to keep up with these to prepare for your dream job.

Here are some of the top red hot skills that employers are dying to look for in their employees. (Don’t say we never tell you, hor!)

   Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO and SEM are some of the hottest skills in demand today.

If you can put your company’s links and websites on the front page of search engines (like the almighty Google) – you’ve got some mad skillz, and companies would want to hire you.

Digital marketing is at an all time high and is one of the hottest skills in demand right now. Don’t believe us? Get on Facebook and count how many times someone tries to sell you something via “promoted” Facebook content. Too many to count!

This is why SEO and SEM remain one of the most sought after skills for companies looking to boost their web search results.

Simply put, SEO is a process that optimises websites to get better rankings in search results via keywords and high quality content, to name a few. It saves companies a lot of money (huzzah!) and helps with their revenue – the more often they pop up while customer search for these particular keywords (or services) the better.

SEM on the other hand is a process that increases online results through paid advertising or pay-per-clicks – which could be super expensive in the long run. As such, more businesses are turning instead to social media platforms to promote their business – which brings us to the next topic.

  Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising ranks among the hottest skills one can have to succeed today.

With Google marketing (paying Google to promote businesses) being a very expensive investment especially for small businesses, more and more companies are opting for Facebook Advertising to promote themselves.

With over 1.09 billion folks logging online daily (and Facebook owning 77% of all social media logins), Facebook Advertising is a very big deal. The focus of this platform is to be able to find businesses their target market and promote services directly to them. Perfect time to polish your skills and pitch them to your prospective employers!

User Interface Design (UI) And User Experience (UX)

UX/UI design will help to keep customers satisfied with their experience.

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

All businesses want to keep their customers happy. This is where UI and UX come in – some of the hottest skills on the market today. Although they’re both super important, their functions are quite different. UX focuses more on analysing and anticipating how a user will use a particular machine, software or App, and ensuring that the interface makes it easy for the user to access the required functions. UI is more about the overall look and feel and presentation of the product.

  Big Data Analysis & Statistics

Big Data is the answer to uncover valuable business information and make informed decisions.

Data is the foundation of Digital Age. So, it becomes increasingly important to develop the knowledge of big data analytics to uncover valuable business information and make informed decisions.

Moreover, big data helps businesses to figure out the most efficient ways of working. This reduces cost (yay!) and helps management make better decisions (woot!). With these information, companies can then have powerful information to give their buyers exactly what they want – which does wonders to their sales, let me tell you (kaching! kaching!).

Cloud Computing Skills

IT skills - especially cloud computing - are on the rise as the demand grows each year.

A quick peek at Forbes tells us that “The worldwide public IT cloud service revenue will be $127 million by 2018.” A big deal for those into techy stuff! Upgrade yourself with programming, information security and software quality assurance skills, just to name a few, so that you can stay ahead of the race to get into the best IT companies.

So there you have it! These nifty, hottest skills are your assets, providing you a foot into a highly competitive industries that not only pay well, but are extremely rewarding too. Best of all, all these skills are learnable, so keep your eyes on the prize and work towards your goal. Jia you!

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