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E’s FITNESS is an award-winning gym (Best Specialised Gym in Asia 2018, Best Female Trainer in Asia 2018 – Fitness Best Asia Awards) that foresees leading the reinvention of quality health for a lifetime.  We aim to provide the convenience of simplifying health to 3 stages in personal training while providing a personal touch in small group 30 min classes towards building a community that helps create lifelong relationships.

Envision not just a body focused on aesthetics, but a healthier state of mind. We advocate building strong bones for a lifetime. From putting in place the best regimen for healthy bones for all ages from young till old, we customise our 3 Stage Program and offer over 30 classes a week of 30 minutes each.

In our 3-Stage Training program – we guide you through the essential journey of basics and getting to know your body and its limits through conditioning, strengthening the weak muscles and posture correction (Stage 1) Stage 1 is where we eliminate pain. Next, we proceed with Stage 2, where we train you with the right exercises to improve your coordination and agility. Stage 3 is where we teach and guide you maintaining what you have now achieved – through a detailed plan and weekly guidance as more than just your personal trainers, but a group of friends to see you through a lifetime of health.

What We Do

We specialise in elite personal training for young and older professionals, with a target to  eliminate common ageing problems that one will experience without prioritising fitness in life. Coupled with basic nutritional advice, our personal training programs come in 3 stages – from Train To Eliminate Pain, Train To Gain and Train To Maintain. Along with our 3-Stage Personal Training Process, we provide niche 30 minute classes targeted at prolonging one’s lifespan.

Company Culture

Our culture sustains employee enthusiasm. Our founder, Elinn, wants happy employees because happiness means more productivity. And when a business is more productive, that means it is working faster; and when it works faster, it can get a leg up on the competition. We believe it’s worth the investment for companies to build and nourish their culture.”The reason why I’ve built a company is because I think a company is by far the best way to get the best people together and align their incentives around doing something great.”, says Elinn.

Why are you participating in Proud Spaces?

E’s FITNESS would like to share our opinions on inclusivity and diversity at work spaces in Singapore, simply through our work ethics and culture. To us, diversity is people with different backgrounds, experiences and lives working together to achieve a common goal. Diversity is important in the workplace because it helps employees relate to a wider customer base and helps to create a fun and exciting environment in which to work together.

How does the company culture make it a safe, inclusive space?

A company culture that facilitates employee happiness means lower turnover and better company performance. Employees are loyal and companies perform better. It’s a win-win. If an employee isn’t committed to our mission or passionate about building a lifetime of health for a client, it just becomes another job. And when it’s just another job, it usually means the employee isn’t happy. On the other hand, when the employee is on board with the mission, they’re engaged in the job and want to help the mission succeed, thus helping the company succeed.

Some employees at different companies go to work, do what they’re told, and just help someone else achieve their dream. The worker’s impact on the business is minimal and they become “just another employee at just another company.” And for some people, it’s all they want: go into work, take orders, do the job, and wait for the clock to hit 5:00 P.M.

But this is not what E’s FITNESS advocates at a workspace. Our founder Elinn involves every single person into treating our company like their own. Each employee at E’s has a voice and a meaningful impact on the company and its direction. They know that anyone can win a debate with our founder no matter the ideas and issues. They also know they can create tools for the company without the need for management approval.

Elinn believes companies have greater success when employees are given this type of freedom that isn’t ruled by a hierarchy, assuming they’re talented employees who fit the culture. Knowing that good decisions can come from anywhere and expanding employee freedom are cornerstones of attracting talented individuals who will fit into the culture if you let them.

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