Getting Along With Fellow Interns


How do you see your fellow interns: friends or foes? Making the first move can be risky, but it builds character and helps to boost your career network. If you’re feeling a little lost, here are 3 quick tips to relieve the tension that might be building between your fellow interns.

Be Kind


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No one puts it better than TV talk show host (and occasional dancing queen) Ellen DeGeneres: “Be kind to one another.”

A simple gesture like giving out candies might be the ice-breaker you’re looking for when you’re sucked into a social quicksand. If you would like to take a further step to build a good co-worker relationship, take them out for lunch or a cup of joe.

It’s not mandatory to be friends with your fellow interns, but it would be nice and less awkward to have a friendly face around the office.

Keep Your Personal Life Separate From Work


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It’s hard when the going gets tough, let alone talking about them in public. Like oil and water, your personal and work life don’t mix.

The next time you’re in the office, spare your colleagues the drama and avoid talking about the happenings in your personal life — during office hours, that is.

Don’t think about play during work, and don’t think about work during play. As a young professional, you must learn to set clear boundaries to succeed in the workplace.

Never Assume


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Sometimes things don’t go as planned and might cause some friction between your colleagues. If that happens, the first thing you want to do is avoid jumping straight to assumption. Admittedly, it’s the easiest way out to curb your feelings, but it does more harm than good.

Talk it out. Is there any way you could compromise? Keep your emotions in check and don’t let your personal feelings interfere with your internship. If there’s no solution to mend the sour work relationship, move on. Avoid the blame game and most importantly, don’t beat yourself up.

In the words of a famous Lebanese TV host, “Either there is mutual respect, or the conversation is over”.


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