Get your hands on these Unicorn Opportunities and take your career to the next level today

It’s been said time and again that we should always follow our dreams. But sometimes the road to get there isn’t as clear-cut. Have you ever had lofty goals that always seem out of reach? You’re likely not the only one – and we’re here to give you a major leg-up in the form of Glints’ most mind-blowing (and magical) initiative yet: Unicorn Opportunities!

Before you ask, it’s not about wrangling unicorns. They don’t exist. Your dream jobs do. You don’t even have to lift a finger to snag them: Glints has rounded up the very best opportunities from startups and other awesome companies – all for you. In a market that’s highly competitive, you can’t afford to let this pass you by – especially if you’re serious about fulfilling your career aspirations.

Ready to take the leap? Introducing our Unicorn Opportunities, starting with…


unicorn opportunities shopback

ShopBack is a rising star in the e-commerce industry across APAC. The startup powers over 1,300 e-commerce merchants including Taobao and Lazada, and dreams of growing its platform into something bigger and better everyday (great news for shopaholics!). Currently operating in six countries across Asia – including Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and the Philippines – ShopBack is bringing a new way of life to consumers and turning your run-of-the-mill customers into smarter shoppers.

One key value behind this awesome startup is owning the change you seek in this world. That kind of belief can only mean that the people running it are bold, visionary, and hands-on. Propping up ShopBack is a team of passionate, A-list employees – and things move fast everyday. This is why ShopBack is looking for the best to join its ranks – it’s a company made out of people who have global ambitions and are unafraid to chase them down. If you hope to leave a big mark on the e-commerce landscape, you might find that ShopBack makes a perfect match.

unicorn opportunities bernard koh

So what’s life really like working for ShopBack? We’ll sate your curiosity with exclusive ShopBack employee interviews so you can sleep at night (and possibly dream about these unicorn opportunities).

Take Bernard, for instance, who joined ShopBack early on as a software engineer intern but “didn’t feel like an intern at all!”. In an interview, he mentioned that working at ShopBack was fulfilling and satisfying: “I was given opportunities like any other full-timer.” Translation? ShopBack takes its employees seriously, and believes in even the greenest intern! Did we mention: Bernard didn’t have relevant Android development experience – and he still succeeded as a mobile app developer anyway!

After hearing all of this, just how hyped up are you? If you’re ready to reach for the stars (and unicorns), check out ShopBack’s unicorn opportunities:

Click here to find out exactly what they’re looking for.

If you’re undecided, take a peek into life at ShopBack before making a decision.


Circles.Life is a rule-breaker. The digital telco thrives on disrupting the industry and bringing a new wave of products of a data-heavy consumer market. That’s right – you’ll know Circles.Life by its gigantic data bundles and no-contract plans. And they’re on the hunt for their next star candidates!

One key trait of a Circles.Life employee is having a wild imagination. The telco is, after all, dreaming of transforming the universal mobile experience for new-age consumers. And with such crazy ambitions, every single day at Circles.Life is unpredictable and exciting. You never know what will come for you next – and that’s the appeal of a young, energetic tech startup, isn’t it? Its past campaigns were insanely attention-grabbing and controversial – and are definitely still fresh in our minds.

unicorn opportunities mayank sharma

We’ve got juicy insider info for all you eager beavers out there who want to join Circles.Life and make waves in the digital telco space.

Something we think is pretty darn awesome about Circles.Life: there are no such things as bad ideas here. Everyone at this telco is committed to shaping the customer experience in a proactive way, including stepping out of the box with unconventional methods to get stuff done. Their work culture is all about being driven by passion – and what better way to catch a glimpse of this than hearing from the people in Circles.Life themselves?

Software engineers like Mayank open up in interviews about what it’s really like to be a part of the dream team. “The culture [is] a lot about openness, growth, and innovation,” he said. His experience as a software engineer gave him the chance to make a wide impact through designing and launching new features for Circles.Life customers out there. Sounds like a toughie, but Mayank had nothing but good words to say about his experience. And so did his colleague, Xyriz!

Want to jump into the belly of the beast? It can only go up from here – check out Circles.Life’s current job openings and see if you’ll get your hands on one of these not-to-be-missed unicorn opportunities:

Looking for more? Here are our insightful interviews with Circles.Life engineers, Mayank and Xyriz.


unicorn opportunities shopee

Shopee, not to be confused with ShopBack, is an e-Commerce platform with huge ambition. You’ll know its name if you’re well-acquainted with the all-consuming nature of online shopping – and for good reason! Shopee operates across Southeast Asia and provides its user base with a fast and secure shopping experience on the great web. That’s right – everything you want out of online shopping is embodied in Shopee, and it’s all thanks to the awesome team running the show behind closed doors.

Shopee’s culture is aptly described by some employees as “young, wild, and free.” The e-Commerce company lives by its five core values: We Serve, We Run, We Stay Humble, We Adapt, and We Commit. Naturally, it means that the people at Shopee are obsessed with meeting their customers’ needs in addition to collaborating with partners across the region. Everyone at Shopee is united by a single vision and desire: to transform the shopping experience for customers everywhere and make online shopping seamlessly fantastic.

If you’re someone who’s just bursting with passion and you’re wholeheartedly interested in exploring a career in the e-Commerce space, where things happen often and changes come faster than you can say “Shopee,” then you might want to take a look at what this company has to offer. It’s unicorn season, after all, and Shopee’s putting out an open call for all future e-Commerce enthusiasts!

unicorn opportunities kelvin ang

Not sold on the idea yet? Then hear straight from Shopee’s people itself, from the likes of DevOps Engineer Kelvin, who gave us a super detailed glimpse into a day in his shoes. Other Shopee interviewees include Data Engineer Zixuan, Regional Operations Associate Ruyan, and more! Read all about their lives at Shopee and then decide for yourself. 😉

Prefer to experience the awesomeness behind Shopee’s doors yourself? The e-Commerce company is hiring, and they want you if you’re serious about making a career to be remembered. Check out Shopee’s open listings (AKA unicorn opportunities) right now:

Want more? Remember to explore our interview articles! 😉


unicorn opportunities scoot

Scoot is an airline company bursting with youth, energy, and passion for aviation and travel. Six years old, this low-budget airline (for all the broke millennials out there) is owned by Singapore Airlines. You’ll know Scoot by its cheap fares, trademark yellow, and the awesome people who make your flight experience what it is. If you’ve ever gotten on a Scoot flight, you’re probably familiar with the experience of being greeted with a wide smile as you get onboard. Flying can be cheap and fun, you know.

Scoot employees work with a set of values called Scootitude: different, open, empowered, rewarding, safe. And you can bet that Scoot lives up to that – just ask any employee and they’ll tell you about their fun experiences. Did we also mention the Scoot team is diverse and absolutely friendly? We’re not just talking about regular cabin crew either – pilots like Tao Han and Justin recently opened up about their lives in Scoot and told us what it was like to be a part of this funky airline.

“No single day is alike,” shared Justin, who’s a Second Officer with Scoot. “Each take-off and landing are unique. But nothing comes close to the experience of working 40,000ft in the air with the best office views you can ask for.”

When asked about what he enjoyed most about working at Scoot, Tao Han brought up “camaraderie amongst the crew.” Onboard a Scoot flight, you can expect “a friendly, open-cockpit environment” to always greet you. “We’re more open about raising up concerns [as a result],” Tao Han added.

unicorn opportunities tao han

And that’s not even scratching the surface of what goes on at Scoot. Tao Han and Justin’s experiences were eye-opening and kickass – you can check out the full scoop in our interview articles with them and other Scoot employees, including those from Revenue Management and Fleet Technical.

If you’re feeling psyched about the idea of being a part of Scoot, you’re in luck! Scoot is on the hunt for its next batch of stars. Check out the full list of unicorn opportunities here:

Click here to know more about what Scoot’s looking for. Get ready to escape the ordinary!

These unicorn opportunities won’t come by twice – we guarantee it. If you’re looking to head down the road of ambition and ride your passion to success, then don’t miss out on the Unicorn Opportunities campaign. Polish your CVs, tidy up your portfolios, and put your best foot forward. You can totally thank us later.

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