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About amc asia!

At our very core, the amc asia! mission is to excite, impress, and inspire our audiences. To us, experiential marketing & strategic events isn’t just your ordinary Friday night out, it’s the night out to beat all others. The one you’ll be laughing about and retelling over a drink (or two) for a long time to come.

Being in the industry for 23 years, we have established amc asia! as one of the leading strategic events and experiential marketing agencies in Singapore. We are able to continuously create amazing work thanks to the strong culture that emphasises on design and creativity.

At amc asia!, we unite team members under one unifying tribal culture called the “Tao of aWEsome” initiative, which consists of “Tao” pillars that guide the way we work and play.

We believe that the happiest people are the most productive, and have designed an “aWEsome” office environment – complete with free beer on tap, beanbags, and hammocks – to inspire out-of-the-box ideas and give team members room to excite and inspire. Beyond the free booze, team members have a say in, and are regularly updated on company affairs. We also have flexible working hours, a casual, comfortable work space and regular outings to celebrate their special moments. Because after all, happy people make productive people.

Why are you participating in Proud Spaces?

We are always on the lookout for people who dare to disrupt and make a difference in everything they do. Of course, that’s just another day in the office for us – but this isn’t about us.

Proud Spaces gives companies like us an opportunity to showcase our culture of inclusiveness to struggling individuals who want to be heard, seen, and not feel like a cog in the corporate machine. It also helps that we grab at any opportunity if it means we could be a little extra.

How inclusiveness is part of the company’s values

We believe in building and maintaining a culture of co-creation, where creativity can flourish. Apart from our focus on building a community of happy, productive workers, we embrace – if not applaud – the mad hatter in everyone. After all, the one way to fully experience creativity is to jump down the rabbit hole and let your imagination run free!

When you inspire people to come together and creatively contribute perspectives from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, and sexualities, you set the stage for a level of individuality and authenticity that challenges the status quo, bringing us back to our foolproof credo.

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