Enrolling in a private university in Singapore after poly: Factors to consider

Making the move from polytechnic to university with a private university in Singapore is no easy feat! Some of you might’ve chosen this road after careful consideration, and others might see it as their clear path for a university education. Whatever it is, there are plenty of private universities in Singapore for you to choose from. Which one? The choice is up to you! It is important to choose the right private university in Singapore to suit your interests, and talents— if you’re choosing this route.

What to do when public schools have turned your application away

So you’ve tried to apply for public universities, but competition was stiff this year! The dreaded rejection letter has arrived. Rejection is bound to cause some ache in our hearts, and sometimes it might be difficult to accept the fact. But here’s what to do when you’ve been turned away from a public university.

  • Taking application results in your stride

As cliche as it might seem, your application results don’t define who you are as a person. As the saying goes, ‘when one door closes, another opens’. Accepting the rejection might take a little bit of time, but rest assured that you’re a warrior nonetheless! Rejection from a public university in Singapore doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world; there’s tons of other options out there. We suggest taking a few days to accept the outcome, and to step bravely towards your other options!

To appeal, you’ll have to:

  1. Visit the school’s websites on different appeal requirements
  2. Accept any other offers awaiting you before they lapse (you’ll be able to reject them later on if your appeals are accepted).
  3. Gather any documents, testimonials, or referrals that might aid you in the appeal application.
  4. Appeal and hope for the best!

Of course, there is also the option to appeal against your application outcome. Should you choose to do that, you might have to face another rejection due to slim chances of being accepted.

  • Look for other options

Now, there’s a few options to consider. The first will be to enter the workforce. Your impeccable poly education is sure to have equipped you with more practical skills and experience than many of your peers in the Junior College routes. Deciding to enter the workforce is a option that more than 50% of poly students take up every year! This option also allows you to kickstart your #adulting process, and opens your eyes to a multitude of experiences that school life could never! As such, this is an extremely plausible option to take up post-diploma, and one you should be proud of taking up.

On the other hand, quite a few students also decide to continue their studies in one of the many private universities in Singapore. This option is for those who have a thirst for knowledge, and who would like to take a step away from joining the workforce to further their studies. You might also have considered the potential employment benefits that come with a university degree. For example, a higher starting pay, or the potential to build a whole different network of contacts. However, there are a number of factors to take into account before choosing this route.

On top of those two obvious options, you could also go on a gap year! Many students who decide to take a year off emerge with newfound interests and direction. So who knows, you might just be able to as well. There’s also the potential to pursue your tertiary education overseas. Yet, that comes with a hefty price tag, as well as the emotional stress of having to be away from home. Hence, do think about what YOU want to achieve with the next few years of your life.

Factors to consider before enrolling in a private university

Check out graduate employment rates

Of course, employment surveys mean a whole lot to potential students wherever they may be studying at! Before applying for a private university in Singapore, we suggest looking up to Private Education Institution Graduate Employment Survey (PEI GES). While that was a mouthful, it does play a huge importance in helping you to decide which private university in Singapore you’re best suited for.

The PEI GES offers statistics on full time employment rates, gross monthly salary and overall employment rates. These might come in handy when you’re trying to make a decision say, between two equally competitive schools.

The tradeoffs: private university vs. full-time job

Think about your reasons for choosing to enroll in a private university, versus the option of working full-time. You might rationalise that going to a private university in singapore might earn you better job prospects in the future. However, most degrees range from three to four years long. In that span of time, your peers decided to work full-time might have been able to climb the ranks with a decent salary.

In addition, the cost to enrolling in a private university in Singapore is not cheap. Whilst there are grants and loans you might be able to take up, tuition fees still cost a bomb compared to that of public universities in Singapore.

Moreover, working full-time will undoubtedly bring experiences and knowledge one is unlikely to obtain from a classroom. These experiences also directly translate to your potential employability in a future. So, before making your decision to enroll in a private university, it is essential for you to take these trade-offs into account.

Your own goals and career aspirations in the long term

This is perhaps the MOST important factor in the list: What do you hope to achieve from your education? Does the industry you hope to go into require more experience, or theory to boost employability? If you’re intending on pursuing a career in an industry that harps on experience, the investment that you put into private education in Singapore might not give you the returns you need.

Adding on to that, think about what career aspirations you might want to aim for, and how you can go about achieving those goals. Our top tip is to be truly honest with yourself. If you do not see tertiary education as part of that journey, don’t feel compelled to take it up ‘just because’ or because of the trope that university gives you a better standing as a fresh graduate.

The world is your oyster

We know this is going to sound cheesy, but you decide your journey! There are million of opportunities waiting for you out there. So no matter what you choose—private university in Singapore or securing a full-time job—go and kick butt at it.

If you’ve chosen to gain more work experience after thinking about it, head on over to our marketplace to seal the deal!

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